A History of Trident Media

[Ciaran O’Brien | Student Activities Manager]

Crush Radio will always have a place in history. Starting in 1960 as CRH (Campus Radio Hatfield) on a ‘pirate radio’ basis, it was the first campus radio in the country making it the oldest in the UK. Soon it was renamed Crush 1278 and got its first broadcast licence in 1962, broadcasting on 1278AM. It was based in a portacabin in what was Hatfield Technical College, now the University of Hertfordshire. By the late 1970s it had three studios and a radio director, with its output being played in halls of residence, student bars and the refectories. Following a number of moves between Telford Court, the portacabin and the old EleHouse bar, it was rebranded to Crush for a short while but soon reverted back to Crush 1278.

DID YOU KNOW? Crush stands for ‘Campus Radio for University Students Hatfield’!

In 2008-2009 the name changed once again back to Crush and became a student society, being homed temporarily in the old portacabin before moving into a brand new media suite in the EleHouse Resource Centre. In 2009-2010 the next year, Crush Underground was launched and so Crush was re-launched as Crush Radio, the station we know and love today. In this same year UHSU Media was launched as a society and combined Crush Radio and Crush Underground with the UnionTV Society and UniVerse newspaper print team. Following a turbulent year however, a decision was made to disband the society but to stay united as UHSU Media, and in 2010-2011 BlueMoon was introduced as our new student magazine.

DID YOU KNOW? We hosted the Student Radio Association (SRA) conference in 2011 as part of our 60th year celebrations!

In the summer of 2013 the University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union (UHSU) rebranded, prompting the need to also rebrand UHSU Media. After consultation with the media committee members for print, radio and TV, a final decision was made and UHSU Media evolved into Trident Media. During 2013-2014 a brand new media suite was opened in the refurbished Hutton Hall building, featuring two radio studios, a computer bank for print, a green screen area for Union TV and a social space. On Wednesday 26th February 2014 the Trident Media brand was born!

DID YOU KNOW? Trident Media is named after the de Havilland ‘Trident’ aircraft, and the logo which features a three-pronged trident reflects its three media outlets!  

Looking forward, 2014-2015 is an exciting year for Trident Media as it has a new home, a new look, hardworking and dedicated committee members and a new future. To keep up to date with our shows, programmes and articles, featuring campus life and news from around the world, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/TridentMediaUK, on Twitter at twitter.com/TridentMediaUK or check out our website at tridentmedia.org

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