A candid account of the Harry Potter Yule Ball

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing Writer]

Hammered, trollied, absolutely rat-arsed; whichever is your favourite word, I am all of them. The night of Thursday 12th February was the Harry Potter Society’s Yule Ball.

This was a free event which took place in The Attic of the Forum Hertfordshire. Despite the fairly low attendance, there was certainly no lack of enthusiasm. According to witchcraft and wizardry enthusiast Simon Gray, the evening consisted primarily of “slut dropping everywhere”.

From where I was standing this seems like a fair assessment of the event, with multiple spontaneous dance-offs being initiated at any point and the heavy inclusion of same-sex grinding. Hardcore party animal Matthew Young said that there were “shapes being thrown on the dance floor so futuristic that they’re not yet legal”. The banging tunes were being provided by the DJ Society, who played classics of our generation from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Young also described it as “Downton Abbey turned Project X” and “the single wildest party since 2001”.

There were themed bags of sweets handed out with ‘Honeydukes’ labels on them and contained chocolate frogs (Freddos), Bertie Bott’s every flavoured beans (normal jelly beans) and any other sweets which can be bought in bulk from eBay.

When I asked president Ashley Hogg about the night she told me how much she wanted to go to McDonalds, and although this is irrelevant information it does help me boost my word count. I then turned to the other president Lauren Griffin to find out her opinion of the night, she said: “Do you want like a quote or can I just say it went well?”

When I woke up in the morning I felt like Hagrid had been sitting on my head for for a day and a half.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night and will hopefully spread the word about the hottest society at the university.

If I were to rate the night out of ten, I’d have to give it nine and three quarters.

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