9th August: Five types of book to read on Book Lovers Day

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor]

For me, everyday is Book Lovers Day, but then I’m a massive book geek, so…but for everyone else Book Lovers Day occurs on August 9th. The day is a chance to kick back, relax and crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages. Reading is one of those experiences that instantly transports you away from all the worry and stress of life, and into a brand new world. It’s a way of exploring – travelling – without even leaving your house. I love the idea of having a specific day to celebrate all things books. So here are the five types of book I think you should read on August 9th this year:

#1 A childhood classic

What was the book that defined your childhood? – Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, or The Hobbit? Whatever book takes you back to the moment when you absolutely LOVED reading – find it! It’s a nostalgia kick that will have you reminiscing all day long.


#2 A genre you would never normally read

If you are a fantasy buff, why not break out of your comfort zone a little and pick up a chick-lit novel. Reading something new is always an interesting experience, and sometimes it can broaden your horizons and maybe you’ll fall in love with a genre.


#3 A book you bought ages ago and forgot about

I am absolutely awful at doing this – I see a book, think ‘I HAVE TO READ THIS’, buy it and then promptly never pick it up off the shelf again. If you’ve got a book gathering dust, why not show it some love and knock it off your To Be Read list.


#4 A book by an author you love

If there’s an author who’s writing you absolutely adore, but you haven’t caught up with their latest release, why not spend August 9th curled up on the sofa with a glass of bubbly and your favourite authors new book.


#5 A completely random read

Go into Waterstones, spot a book cover you love, and without reading the blurb, pick it up and take it home. Sometimes the best books are the ones you know absolutely nothing about – that way you have no idea what on earth you’re going to be reading.


So those are my suggestions for your Book Lovers Day books. I hope however you spend August 9th, you have a brilliant day, and love the books you read!

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