8 Types of Students

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8 Types of Students

There’s a mixture of students here at the University of Hertfordshire, and I guarantee you’ve figured out some stereotypes. For a bit of fun, here are eight types of students who you may find sitting next to you in lectures or that you’ve spotted from afar in the LRC.

1.The one that leaves it until the last minute.

When you say you’re just finishing off your essay at 5pm and the deadline is 10pm – this individual hasn’t even started it.  They will usually be found surrounded by books and pulling an all-nighter in the LRC. Energy drinks and caffeine pills are never far away and the week after completing an assignment will be spent in bed coming down from their study high.

2. The gym freak.

These students can be spotted a mile off with their sports bag slung over their shoulder, a protein shake glued to their hand and often wearing an Athletic Union hoodie. They will  be heard loudly declaring how many reps they did in the gym and dedicated gym freaks can be picked out if they turn down the offer of McDonalds.

3. The Stranger

Do you ever sit in your lecture and wonder who that mysterious student at the back is who just appeared? It’s the stranger – this individual usually only appears when a deadline is due or when there is a test.

4. The Party Animal

Always bragging about how smashed/trollied/pissed/plastered they got last night, how they had an epic chunder through their nose and that they woke up in someone else’s bed – these students have plenty of stories to tell. They are often in bed when their 9am lecture is on and are tagged in a series of attractive drunken selfies on Facebook.

5. The Confused

There’s always that one person that has no idea what to do in the seminar even though your tutor has just said. This person will also be the one you barely speak to but will pop up on Facebook asking for you to explain the essay question – or then ask you to send them your work as they still don’t get it.

6. The Parent Dependant

With no concept of how an alarm clock works, how to cook oven chips, or where the on button is on a washing machine – this individual has no clue how to function since they flew the nest.

7. The Teacher’s Pet

You know when you’re in a lecture and the lecturer asks a question and everyone looks at the floor and won’t answer? This student will. Also, just as your lecturer is about to say you can leave, you can guarantee that this student will have so many pointless questions that you have to stay another 20 minutes.

8. The one without a watch

This person is always late without fail – usually by at least half an hour. Despite this, they’ll come strolling in with a coffee in their hand and mutter that they have no idea what’s going on. Typical. Which student stereotypes have you spotted around campus? Let us know!

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