7th August: Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

[Brad Johnson | Vice President Communications & Media]

Although situated in the middle of the year, no where near Easter or Christmas, particularly preposterous packaging can still put a stain on your day all throughout the year. The packaging not only drains your energy and wastes time in your already busy day, it also creates an abundance of extra rubbish that your local council probably won’t even take away as it not the ‘correct’ type of plastic.

It has even been reported that during intense periods of unwrapping, such as Christmas or Birthdays, giftees can suffer from ‘wrap rage’ as they struggle to get through to their gift, halted by an impenetrable 2mm thick plastic seal.

So here’s one of my favourite types of preposterous packaging.

Oral B electric tooth brush. Packaging need a saw to wrestle it open. Please! Protection from water? pic.twitter.com/H6UBBXBFlB — aprilsnow10 (@celinekct) June 6, 2015

This packaging was even reported on the BBC One show, Watchdog! The Daily Mail reported on a ‘Which?’ survey, which stated:

“Nine in ten found it necessary to use scissors, two in three resorted to knives and about one in 50 fetched a hammer to bash their way into a pack.”

No matter what happens, around Christmas and Birthday time, you will probably suffer from ‘Wrap Rage’ but never fear, once you are in, the joy of the product can begin, that is a long as you aren’t injured by the sharp corners as you attack your way through.

Happy Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day!

Have you had a particularly preposterous experience with packaging? Let us know @TridentMediaUK #PreposterousPackaging

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