7 Weird things people Google

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Google is the most popular search engine in the world and you have all searched a fair few things by now. Some people use it to look for recipes, to find out information for essays, or to cautiously ask the online doctors if their perfectly normal symptom will kill them. Others will search some very strange and unusual things and poor old Google remembers them all. There are too many bonkers examples out there, ranging from; ‘What would happen if i put my cat in the microwave?’ to ‘I think Aliens are watching me.’ So here’s our list of seven of the weird things people have searched.

1) What if there was no Google?

What if no google - shelby loasby

Starting off tame…What if there was no Google? Oh no! How would we survive? How would this article exist? There are 1.8 billion answers to this question. It is apparently a serious concern so lets not mock the weirdos who searched it.

2)  Have penguin biscuits got smaller?

penguin biscuits

This is the question of the century. We shouldn’t be surprised to see this really, with Freddo bars getting more expensive, the sky’s the limit. According to the sheer amount of results to this question it is clear to see that we are all slightly weird, and extremely concerned about our chocolate bars.

3) I think rhinos are just obese unicorns

rhinos - shelby loasby

Yep, you’ve spotted it. ‘I think rhinos are just obese unicorns.’ You’d be surprised, when actually searching that sentence there were 7,700 results ranging from serious polls, to Tumblr and Pinterest. It’s an interesting observation, but it is probably best kept in your crazy little head.

4) How to get away with murder

murder - shelby loasby

‘How to get away with murder’ has been searched, on average, 1.7k times a month, according to Search Factory. To be honest, this is more worrying than weird. If every person who searched that last year, did actually follow through, there would have been over 20,000 murderers who got away with it. That being said, it really isn’t that easy. Rest assured, you are safe from the stabby weirdos.

5) What would happen if I hired two investigators to follow each other

investigators - shelby loasby

Yes this is weird, but also very philosophical and intriguing. At first, you think; What? Why would anyone think or do that? Then you start thinking about it yourself. What would happen? Let’s try it! This example shows you just how easy it is to convert to weirdism. You would have probably also noticed the other result here;  ‘What would happen if I had a baby with my cousin.’ Well….no explanation needed. You know its weird.

6) Why do men have nipples?

nipples - shelby loasby

Granted, searching ‘why do men have nipples’ is very weird. However, it is such a good question, and at some point in your life it has definitely crossed your mind. Why are they there? What do they do? Google knows. Google has over a million results explaining why.

7) How to make a human centipede medically possible

centipede - shelby loasby

So we’ve saved this one till last. Pretty self-explanatory why. If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to see the film(s), then you know exactly how absolutely mental, disgusting and wrong the ‘human centipede’ is. What is even more disturbing is the fact that people have searched how to make it possible. This is off the weirdo chart and heading towards insanity. Whilst there is a level of humour in ‘how to make a human centipede costume’, you would still want to avoid any association with it. We are pretty certain you have searched even weirder stuff on Google so now its your turn to share with us the weirdest things you’ve asked the poor old search engine. Tweet us @TridentMediaUK!

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