7 times our parents have failed at technology

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We’ve all seen it – that Facebook update or hilarious tweet explaining the latest calamity of our technophobe parents. So inspired by a particularly amusing one, I asked the team at Trident Media to share their stories and this is what we found.

*All names have been removed to protect the parents involved and to save their children from further embarrassment*

1) My dad just asked me if it costs money to use Google

This is the one that started me off, a brilliant example. The power of Google will never cease to amaze us all, and it’s FREE? Shocker.


2) When I was going to Australia my mum told me she couldn’t email me because she didn’t know how to do it. Then she proceeded to tell me loads of facts about Henry Cavill that she apparently Googled. So she can Google superman but can’t email her own daughter?!

Well, at least this parent knows how to Google. Perhaps they can Google how to send emails to Australia?

3) My dad says to me, “how do I end the call?” and I’m like, “the end call button has been in the same place since phones were invented!”….Dad: “Well where’s that?”

Just to clarify, the end call button is usually the red one. It’s particularly useful for when your parents technology fails are so impressive you just CAN’T. EVEN.

4) I FaceTimed my mum, she asked “can you see me?” and I could see was the inside of her nostrils.

The video chat fails – A regular occurrence of FaceTime and Skype alike, especially problematic for those students who leave home for uni. Most conversations follow the pattern of hello…hello…can you hear me…can you hear me now?



5) My mum tried to use Twitter once; I got a phone call asking “how do I hashtag?”

At least she didn’t call it The Twitter. Unfortunately there are also a fair few students who should be taking Hashtag 101… #this #is #not #acceptable.

6) My mum mistakenly accepted a friend request once, and to get rid of this person she wrote ‘unfriend’ on their wall.

It’s like accidentally liking a picture while stalking your ex, but for parents.

7) One time my dad got water on his phone and freaked because it stopped working. I told him to go get some rice. His response: “This is not the time to think about food!”

Let me fix your phone

“This is not the time to think about food!”

Not only is this a great misunderstanding, it also highlights the parental technology fail solution – Ask your kids! When I signed up for my degree, I automatically became a qualified technician to fix your every problem. Knew those loans were for something!

Now over to you, share a time your parents failed at technology with us on Twitter @TridentMediaUK!

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