7 Crazy Sex Facts From Around The World

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Sex. People love it. People love to talk about it, and people love to do it. But what sexy stories and facts do we know from around the world?

Did you know that Greece is winning at sex, with people ‘doing it’ on average 138 times per year? Did you know that in Australia, the Mardudjara tribe undergo barbaric circumcisions to achieve manhood? We’ve put together a kinky list of seven of the craziest facts for you to learn and enjoy.

1) Sex Dolls were ordered for Nazi Troops

Hitler’s scientists set up the Borghild Project with the aim of keeping German soldiers from contracting STDs. Whilst the soldiers were encouraged to carry blowup dolls around in their packs, many soldiers refused, mainly out of the fear of embarrassment should the Allied forces capture them. Unfortunately there are no physical remains of the project, as the factories were lost in the bombing of Dresden. But still, who knew that one-balled Hitler was such a frisky devil.

2) Sex Drive-ins Exist

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In places like Zurich, Switzerland, where prostitution is legal, sex drive-ins exist. The sex boxes, where cars can simply pull up and wait, feature an alarm for the ladies to call security, should anything get out of hand. Whilst this seems like a very strange service, the government are using it to move prostitution off of the city streets, and to keep the women safe.

3) Age of Consent varies in different countries

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Whilst 16 is the standard age of consent for countries like the UK, Cyprus, Finland, Norway and Switzerland, places like Brazil and Colombia have it set at 14, and Angola has it set at just 12! Surprisingly, Bahrain’s age of consent is 21 for women who want to marry without their father’s consent, and Saudi Arabia does not allow sex outside of marriage, although there are no laws limiting the age at which you can get married. I wonder how many of us have broken the law?

4) Some Governments will pay you to have sex

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I can assure you now, it isn’t the UK. In an effort to grant the physically disabled citizens of Holland the experience of sexual intimacy, the Dutch government has been known to provide a monthly stipend for the handicapped to visit prostitutes in places like Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Other countries also provide this adult companionship service, such as; Switzerland and Germany. The movement is slowly growing in popularity, and might also be seen in Australia and France in the near future!

5) The Sambia Tribe drink semen for strength

sambia tribe omgfacts

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As part of the Sambia Tribe rituals to become a man, boys are removed from the presence of all females when they are seven years old, and live with other males for ten years. During this time, their skin is pierced to remove any contamination that could have been brought by women, and they are forced to incur regular nose-bleeds and to eat large amounts of sugar cane until they vomit. The most important part of this ritual is to ingest the semen of their elders, which is believed to sustain growth and strength. When the time is up, they are finally introduced back into the tribe where they continue to force nose-bleeds on themselves, at the same time as of their wives’ menstrual cycles. Yep. It’s certainly a weird one!

6) The Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom

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Buddhist monks are normally seen as living a very pure lifestyle, waring off any earthly indulgences. However around 500 years ago, Tibetan monk, Drupkka Kunley, put Hugh Hefner to shame and enjoyed a sex life worth boasting about. Kunley saw enlightenment by earning the title, “The Saint of 5,000 Women.’ He would drench himself in alcohol and then claimed that he could change demonesses into good citizens by striking them with his penis. This led to his manhood being nicknamed “The Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom,’ which we guarantee is cooler than any other silly willy names you’ve thought of.

7) Sex Toys are banned in India

no sex toys ban - shelby loasby

Selling sex toys in India is a punishable offence, with a maximum punishment of two years for the first conviction, and five years in cases of repeat offenders. Even the people who buy the cheeky toys can be prosecuted. Porn is also a murky area in India. Although internet searches for porn have increased fivefold in the last ten years, there has been a push to ban porn altogether in the country, as the rate of sexual violence has continued to grow out of control.

So there you have it! Your seven crazy sex facts from around the world. We’re pretty sure some of these may have shocked you!

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