6 Tips for Healthy Eating

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

By Fakorede Wuraola

During this self -isolation period and home lockdown, is shouldn’t just be about panic buying but to stock up in the healthy way. We are to stock up on food and groceries that are healthy and prepare meal that contain best immune boosting, which will help bolster our body’s natural defences against infection.

As much as there are regular supplement and pills, you still need foods that can boost your immune system naturally.

Here are tips that can help you shop healthy without forgetting your best immune – boosting food:

Create a weekly meal plan

Having a meal plan help saves time and most spent, it also helps you to have a realistic shopping list. You will buy exactly what you need to buy while shopping.

Having a meal plan will also help you to have a shopping list which you can stick to on a regular shopping time. This will prevent you from impulse buying.

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Cook in bulk

Cooking in bulk allows you to make healthy meal because you aren’t caught unawares when hunger strike, which can make you eat unhealthily.

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Buy Vegetables and fruits

Shop vegetables and fruit to help strengthen your immune system, most especially during this trying period. Your body needs some nutrient such as vitamin C which can be found in citrusy fruit like orange, lemon, lime and grapefruits.

Vitamin E and magnesium can be found dark leafy greens such as broccoli, kale, spinach and even lettuce. Vitamin B9 are present in legumes such as beans, peas and it also present in eggs.

Vitamins A, D3, zinc, and probiotics which the body does not produce on its own. The likes of mushroom, yoghurt, sweet potatoes, salmon and chicken soup also help boost immune system to wade war against infection and diseases.

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Avoid frequency eating out

Eating out is very expensive and can make you break your saving on meals, and you’re not sure of what goes into a meal during the course of its preparation. You can’t be sure they’re made from healthy ingredients.

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Stop shopping when you’re hungry and angry

You’re most likely to stir away from your shopping list and meal plan, if you shop when you’re hungry or angry. This might also make you to shop for unhealthy snacks.

Plan healthy snacks

Healthier snacks such as yoghurt, fruit such as watermelon, apple and grains are not expensive and do not require any stress in preparing these snacks.

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Drink water and heathy drinks

Intake of water help supply the body with fluid which the body use to perform the following functions: digestion, absorption, circulation, creation saliva, transporting the needed nutrients to the need part of the body and also help to maintain body temperature.

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Water also helps to control calories when substitutes for higher calories beverages. Water helps to keep the skin glow and good, dehydration get the skin dry and wrinkled but when the body is hydrated, it helps the kidney to function well and excrete the toxic fluid. Water is also known to energize the muscle.

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Heathy drinks, such as smoothies and fresh fruit juice, are also good for you.

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