6 things I wish I could say to my Fifteen Year Old Self

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer]

As we come to the end of another university year, I find myself older and in some ways wiser! Although I’m most definitely not in complete control of my life, I feel I have learnt enough to give my fifteen year old self some advice. From fashion to friends, one thing is for sure; I definitely needed some help!

1) Friends Aren’t Always Forever

The best bit of advice that I could give to you is that the people around you probably aren’t as permanent as you think. There will be a few friends who will be with you through thick and thin, but the rest are pretty temporary. It doesn’t matter if you’re not friends with everyone from school, at this point you will realise that quality of friends is definitely more important than quantity.

2) What were you wearing?!

I cannot believe some of our outfit and hair choices, but let’s just accept that it happened and move on. Firstly, your straighteners were definitely not used often enough… You were definitely shopping in charity shops way before it was cool; but some of those granny cardigans should have been burned immediately! Also, white hair grips – really?! On a final note, Primark Ugg boots never were and never will be cool.

3) Choose your battles wisely but make sure you fight them

On the note of friends, pick out those who are toxic sooner. If you feel the need to change who you are to impress them – they are not worth it! Too many times you will worry about what these people think and their opinions, I promise you none of it will matter. Don’t bog yourself down with other people’s battles, as you will have enough of your own to get over – and these will show who you’re loyal friends are. However, do not be a pushover! Stick up for people who need it and always stand up for yourself.

A Note to my Fifteen Year Old Self

4) Take more photos!

You have a camera phone and a digital camera, take more pictures. They are the best way to create memories and it will remind you of things you’ve forgotten. Make scrapbooks and photo albums, anything to remember times with your family and friends. Also, create the memories! Spend as much time with your family and friends as possible, there will be a chance for another lie-in but never a chance to re-make a memory.

5) Your parents will always have your back.

The words ‘I can’t wait until I move out’ were often thrown around in arguments with my parents, but now being at home is the best thing ever. Moving away makes you appreciate how much you miss your parents and your home comforts. On the up side, it turns your parents into your best friends. They are the two people who will always have your back, regardless of what you’ve done and always there with some money if you’re struggling. (Love you mum and dad if you’re reading xo)

6) Everything will be okay!

Whether it’s exams or friends, I guarantee you’re stressing out about something; so stop! Everything will be okay and if it’s not okay it is not the end yet. GCSE’s are not the end of the world, so work hard and do your best; that’s all that matters! It might not seem like it, but everything’s going to work out just fine. You’re at university, you have an amazing family and friends, a great boyfriend and you got yourself a placement. You’re doing good girl!

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