5 Top tips to clean up your online presence

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It’s 2015, everybody is on Facebook; and unfortunately for student job-seekers, this includes potential employers. Funny cat videos aside, social media is a brilliant resource for companies on the hire, allowing them to sniff out applicants and quickly sort the potential winners from the losers. It may be slightly intrusive but unfortunately for us, the internet is open and free for anyone to peruse. So, if you’re looking for a job and your feed is awash with drunken selfies and ‘fapes’ – keep reading.

#1 Take a good profile picture

It’s important to have a profile picture that is clear, recognisable, and maybe not too serious. Make sure the photo is clear, of decent resolution, and free of any dodgy editing. It’s okay to be having fun, as long as it’s not too much fun. Basically if one is a drunk toilet-hugger and ten is a straight-faced suit selfie, let’s go for a six.

Selfie image - Katie-Kealie

#2 Update your info

Next, make sure that any profile information – such as name, location, occupation etc. – is accurate and up to date. I mean let’s face it: you do not live on the moon and you most definitely do not work at ‘being a boss’.

#3 Stay organised and de-clutter/purge your associations

If your accounts are public (making all your statuses, tweets, and photos available to employers), you need to make sure that they are kept in tip-top shape. For example, remember the magnitude of sarcastic Facebook pages that you liked during school? They need to go. Be sure to de-clutter any groups, friends lists, or photo albums. Delete anything (or anyone) you feel is embarrassing and/or incriminating. Place remaining photos in appropriately named photo albums (Damn, look at those organisation skills).

#4 Think before you post

Now everything is neat and tidy, you need to try and keep up the act. Give yourself one or two seconds before each time you click ‘Publish’. This doesn’t mean that you have to be over-polished and fake, but keep in mind who is potentially viewing your content. Do your followers really need to see another picture of your messy bedroom? On a more serious note, social media is NOT the place to be voicing any deep-seated aggressions that you may have.

#5  If all else fails, go private!

If you’ve read this entire article and still don’t feel up for the challenge, you can at least make the majority of social media profiles private. This means that your photos and information is unavailable to anyone that you do not have as a friend or haven’t given consent to. For more information about how to set your profile to private, just check out the FAQ or help section on your chosen website. However, do keep in mind that people can create fake profiles to get access. If you have any concerns, only accept requests from people that you confidently recognise.

Private image - Pixabay

What are your top tips for staying employable online? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TridentMediaUK!

For more (slightly serious) information about social media and keeping safe on the web, check out getsafeonline.org’s social networking guides.

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