5 tips for your first veggie Christmas

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So you recently made the decision to go veggie… and it’s coming up to Christmas *cue panic*. Here are some tips to keep you on the straight and narrow over the festive period and to ensure that you’re not left out when it comes to devouring some delicious Christmas food.

1. Make sure you’re sorted in advance

Don’t leave anything till the Christmas eve rush. Make sure you have a meal planned for the big day way in advance. Do some research on the internet to try and find some delicious recipes that you could prepare and enjoy. And then, if in doubt, you can usually find some great veggie alternatives at the supermarket. For example, Tesco sell a festive nut roast that even comes with its own delicious cranberry sauce. And don’t forget about dessert! Make your own or source one from supermarkets; Aldi do vegan mince pies, and most supermarkets’ own offerings are at least vegetarian.

2. Stock up on snacks (especially if you’re vegan!)

Our number one priority is avoiding the 5.00pm slump when everyone else is enjoying their pâté and crackers. Make sure you have some snacks and/or sweets prepared. This is especially important for our vegan readers; make sure you have some vegan-friendly chocolate, vegan cream cheese & crackers, or fruit to keep you going.

3. Be wary of cooking methods

You might not know it, but cakes (like mince pies) and vegetables can be made in a way that isn’t suitable for vegetarians. Make sure that your family (or friends) are roasting the vegetables in vegetable oil instead of goose fat, otherwise you’ll be left with a pretty empty plate! This kind of thing is easily overlooked, so make sure you’re on the ball and you won’t be left without.

4. Ensure family/friends are informed

This is kind of an extension of the above, but make sure that your family and friends are actually aware of your vegetarian leanings. This is better for everyone, as you won’t be left with presents that you can’t use, and they won’t be left feeling that their gift wasn’t appreciated. You don’t want to be tempted by Celebrations after hitting the one-month vegan milestone! However, remember not to be rude about it – just politely give them suggestions or ask them to refrain from buying you any food products.

5. Don’t take everything to heart

People make mistakes. So, don’t take every overlooked ingredient to heart. If your mum forgot to cook with vegetable oil, or your aunt bought some non-vegan mince pies, just thank them politely and point out that, unfortunately, you won’t be able to eat them. Although, this entire situation can be avoided if you follow my previous steps!

In conclusion, be prepared, be aware, and have a great veggie Christmas!

If you need any veggie Christmas recipe ideas:

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