5 revision tips to help get you through your exams

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Revision is the worst isn’t it? You just spend your time frantically trying to stuff in your head everything you’ve learnt that year, not going out anywhere and with your nose in a heavy, boring textbook. But revision is something every uni student has to do if they want to pass their exams, and there are some ways to make your revision period more bearable. Here are my revision tips to help you get through this exam period.

1. Drink plenty of water and lay off the Cokes

This seems like pretty simple advice, but drinking water is SO important, especially when you’re spending most of your day on a computer reading notes! A hydrated person is going to feel better, much more alert and therefore, they’ll revise better. And although it is SO tempting to pull an all nighter in the LRC with just a couple of Cokes or Red Bulls to keep you going, don’t do it! The sugar rush might give you some energy for a couple of minutes, but the sugar low after will make you want to pack revision in! Stay away from the fizzy and sugar high drinks when revising.

2. Get some sleep

Again, this is pretty standard advice, but one that many students ignore, to their detriment. Sleep is so important, not only for our stress-levels, health and happiness, but also because a sleep-deprived brain isn’t going to do well with revision! So, get an early night, hit that snooze button and do whatever it takes to get the amount of sleep your body needs (8 – 10 hours a night should do it!)

3. Have a break

I am AWFUL for not taking revision breaks, but it is so important because it gives you a chance to relax and have all that revision sink in! Why not get some exercise, run yourself a hot bath, or watch an episode of your favourite TV show? – Anything that will give you a chance to unwind!

4. Cheat sheets

This is a little trick I discovered last year, and it was SO helpful when it came to remembering need to know information. I wrote everything that I absolutely HAD to know about that particular topic, and tried to get it on one to two A4 sheets. That became my cheat sheet, and I memorised everything on it, so that I knew even if I got into the exam and everything else went out of my head, I’d still have the basics down!

5. Past papers

My final tip is to look at past papers. Not only will these give you a clue on what kind of questions you can expect to find on your past papers, but if you are clever you can see what topics come up regularly and which topics are rarer. Past papers are also great for doing practice runs of tests! You can find past papers by searching Voyager on StudyNet.

So those are my top revision tips for exams. Do you have any special tricks to make the revision period less stressful – Let us know @TridentMediaUK! If you are taking exams in the next few weeks, I feel your pain, I hope these revision tips help and good luck!

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