25th September: Hug a Vegan Day

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor]

I’m vegan. Are you scared yet?

You shouldn’t be.

Truth is, vegans aren’t scary. We’re regular people, just like you, who just happen to abstain from animal products. It’s not actually that weird.

I’ve been vegan for about two and a half years. I had a friend who was vegan throughout college and one Easter, I decided to go veggie for Lent. But that evening, I made the big mistake of googling PETA videos for inspiration and staying up really late. Ergo, I woke up vegan.

Two and a half years later, I eat completely vegan and abstain from buying anything containing animal byproducts or anything that has been tested on animals. Now, this isn’t me taking the moral high ground; I have absolutely no beef (hah) with my non-vegan friends and classmates. However, I do not like it when my friendly informative comments get misconstrued for angry vegan preaching. Some people jump down my throat as soon as I mention anything to do with veganism. I don’t think people are evil for eating meat, I just think that they’re being influenced by long-standing traditions that normalise it. So, if I make a comment, don’t assume I want you on my team. And if you jump down my throat for that and don’t consider my intentions, then I won’t expect you to consider the animals either.

Also, please don’t comment on my food when we’re eating. It makes things super awkward. Unless of course, you want to comment on how delicious it looks (because our food is – surprisingly – delicious, healthy, and nutritious). And I don’t need your concern about my protein, iron, or B12 levels as they’re perfectly fine, thanks. In fact, there’s probably more protein in my falafel spinach wrap than in your McDonalds and I give blood twice a year.

So, next time you encounter a mysterious vegan in the wild, give them a hug. They’re probably just down about the lack of vegan options on campus (other than a falafel sandwich or chips) and they love humans just as much as they love animals y’know.

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