25th August: National Kiss and Makeup Day

[Amy Parry | Contributing Writer]

The 25th of August is National Kiss and Makeup Day, a day to put all your problems aside, put an end to all your quarrels and make up with those people you have detached yourself from.

Why spend years holding grudges? Life’s too short to dissociate yourself from the people you love. At some point in our lives we’ve had arguments, fights and disagreements and in the future we will probably have a few more but that’s just life isn’t it? No one’s perfect. Whether you’ve argued with your friends, siblings, parents, boyfriend or girlfriend it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong or whose fault it is. Don’t throw away a good friendship or relationship because of it.

National Kiss and Makeup Day is the day to become the bigger person and say sorry to those you’ve had a dispute with. I shall expect this day will be a happy one and I’m sure couples won’t complain because they find the kissing and making up the best part of an argument. So get your hugs at the ready and pucker up because it’s national kiss and makeup day!

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