24th September – Punctuation Day

[Laura Slingo – News Editor]

It’s Punctuation Day! Arriving just in time for the new academic year too. This day of course pays homage to the correct usage of punctuation as without these grammatical markers, we really would be lost for words.

I know what you’re thinking, “How on earth do we celebrate this event?!” Well, if your punctuation skills aren’t quite so savvy, why not read up on the correct use of a semicolon or what Americans say instead of ‘full stop’ or ‘bracket’. However, if your punctuation knowledge is something to be challenged, why don’t you take one of these online quizzes and see how clued up you really are?

  1. QUIZ: How good is your punctuation?

  2. Punctuation marks exercise 

  3. Punctuation, Capitalization, and Writing Numbers Mastery Test

Regardless of how you spend this awareness day dedicated to praising punctuation in all its glory, it’s wise to ensure you’re well informed of its basic uses. After all, there are a fair few essays and the like that will be heading your way in the not too distant future…

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