22nd September – Business Women’s Day

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[Laura Slingo – News Editor]

It will come as no shock to you that Business Women’s Day was created in aid of celebrating the contributions women make to the business world. This awareness day also has the intention of strengthening ways to give women more equality in business and in the workplace as prejudices are still apparent across the globe.

Business Women’s Day is technically an American awareness day, which is no surprise considering the gender pay gap stands at a huge 21 per cent in this nation. However, the values Business Women’s Day stands for are spread and shared on a worldwide basis.

Despite Britain being slightly further along the gender equality scale than the US, that has not stopped elements of sexism and gender bias seeping into the UK workplace. A recent study by Stylist Living revealed that 87 per cent of the 2000 women they asked believed that their gender was stunting their career progression, with sexist remarks like, “being expected to make the tea” and “accused of  being pre-menstrual/menstrual” being just some of the backlash experienced in their working environment. All because they’re women. Similarly, male-centric industries (such as engineering) are leaving women stressed, says further research from US sociologists. However, it’s not all bad news for women in work. With campaigns like #ilooklikeanengineer and the help of feminist businessmen like Sir Richard Branson and entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa making the case for women to climb the corporate ladder, Business Women’s Day is just a drop of reinforcement in the ocean of strength and determination for women worldwide.

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