20th August: Lemonade Day

[Brad Johnson | Vice President Communications & Media]

So instead of sharing the history of Lemonade, I thought it would be nice to share a lovely recipe so you can make your own lemonade from scratch for those warm summer nights.

Basically, you need lemons, duh, four medium unwaxed ones (what does unwaxed even mean . . . i don’t know either), about 150g of sugar or 100g if you’re one of the healthy types, and about one litre of water (tap if you’re on a budget, bottled if you’re posh and rolling in the dollar).

OK, brace yourselves, this is one complicated recipe.

1. Chop the lemons up roughly.

2. Put the chopped up lemons (including that unwaxed skin), half of the water and sugar in the food processor or Nutri-Bullet (y’all know that’s the modern food processor).

3. Pour the mixture through a sieve into a bowl and press through as much juice as possible.

4. When that’s done, pour in the rest of the water and serve over ice. If you’re really getting into it, then decorate the glass with slices of lemon and lime. If you really live on the wild side and like to show off, before filling the glass, dip the top in water and then in some sugar to make it look like a proper cocktail.

Time for the Alternative Lemonades!

Alternatives Part 1: Instead of water use soda water and it will make fizzy lemonade . . . obviously.

Alternatives Part 2: Add about 25ml per serving of Gin (Bombay Sapphire is my fave) and it will make a Gin and Lemonade . . . the definition of class, I’d serve this with mint too (oooooh fancy!)

Alternative Part 3: Go to Aldi and buy some lemonade for about 25p . . . but that’s cheating.

So there you go! Lemonade made simple! I personally like the idea of Alternative Part 2, but that’s just me.

If you make any of our sweet lemonade this summer, send us photos! @TridentMediaUK #TridentLemonade


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