2018/19 President-Elect Adil Ur Rehman stands down [Breaking]

Hertfordshire Students Union has today confirmed that Vice President Services and President-Elect Adil Ur Rehman has stood down from his position at the SU.

A post on the Students Union website reads:

President Elect of Hertfordshire Students’ Union, Adil Ur Rehman, will not take up his post for the 2018-19 academic year and will be resigning his current post of Vice President Services effective immediately. His responsibilities will be shared amongst the Union’s other four sabbatical officers. Representing students so they achieve the best degree whilst having an incredible student experience is always our first priority. The new officers will do a fantastic job representing and supporting students at the University of Hertfordshire. [Source]

The Trident understands that the SU’s trustee board has elected not to hold a bye-election for the President position at this time, and that work is to be evenly distributed between the four remaining officers.

“The Union ran without a President for the 2009-10 academic year.  In that instance, the work of the President was shared amongst the rest of the team.  The Union’s Trustee Board took this precedent into account when making their decision regarding the current team.” [Source]

You can read more information on the Student’s Union website, and The Trident will update this page in due course.

Read more about the 2018 elections in Issue 3 of ‘The Trident’, out now.

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