2015 monthly highlights

Image: Pixabay

[Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor]

We emerged into 2016 like beautiful butterflies intoxicated on cheap alcohol from the Co-op.

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2015 was a busy year. A lot happened, and not all of it was good. We witnessed some horrific events, with many terrorist attacks in West and Central Africa by Boko Haram; and two massacres in France. We lost a few people we loved, including Leonard Nimoy, Terry Pratchett, Satoru Iwata and more recently Motörhead’s frontman Lemmy. Lives were lost, but we will remember them as we continue into 2016.

Here are some highlights:



The attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in France last January resulted in the deaths of 11, and a further 17 killed a few days after. Despite multiple terrorist attacks last year, France has remained strong, and have received mass support from around the world in solidarity against extremism.


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For some benign reason, the internet became obsessed with the colour of a dress. As it turned out, the dress was actually blue and black, and the photograph was simply overexposed.


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The UK witnessed a solar eclipse in March, the largest since 1999. Many fantastic photographs of the astronomical event were captured around the world, but cloudiness got in the way of many UK residents seeing it.


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800 people died as a fishing boat carrying Libyan migrants sank, with only 28 surviving, becoming the deadliest incident ever recorded in the Mediterranean.


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The UK’s general election resulted in a win for the Conservative party, with a 12 seat majority. It was hard to find a relevant GIF, so here’s one of Boris dancing.


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A cat decided to make its home inside a plane’s wing, because cats have a habit of sleeping in places you don’t want them to.


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July saw World Mental Health Day, to raise awareness of stigma around mental health worldwide and highlight the poor treatment those with mental illnesses face in many countries.


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What yells like a group of men when squeezed? A group of rubber ducks, interestingly! The above are real ducks, please do not squeeze them.