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19th August: Aviation Day

[Matt Yeoman | Contributing Writer]

Whether you have experience of flying yourself, a seasoned traveller or are just terrified, you will most likely be somewhat fascinated by the concept of flying. As a student pilot, I am not a stranger to the pull of the skies and the unlimited freedom you feel when you’re at the controls. Being a keen flyer myself, I decided writing about Aviation day would be great of getting people more aware of the joys of the sky and giving everyone an small insight into the world of Aviation.

August 19th is a day to commemorate the birthday of Orville Wright, one of the Wright Brothers, who became aviation pioneers by inventing the first successful aeroplane. Nowadays though, this day is used to promote aviation and get more people involved in local aerodromes. Although it is an National day for the US, there is nothing stopping you from celebrating Aviation Day anywhere you are. Some ideas for how you could do this are:

1. Learn about the History of Aviation – Learn more about the Wright Brothers, and where aeroplanes first came from.

2. Visit an Aviation Museum – There are plenty of museums and exhibitions on aviation all over the place, from war planes and fighter jets, to the first planes ever built. Try Duxford for example!

3. Go flying! – It is hard to believe how many people have actually never been flying! It’s easy to go and have a flight in a light aircraft somewhere, especially as most people don’t tend to book a holiday away just for the flight. If powered flight isn’t your thing, gliding is a beautiful way to relax, without the noisy engine!

So that’s it! Go out and enjoy something you may not have even thought you could do. The sky is just the beginning and a wonderful place to explore!

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