16th September: Guacamole Day

[Laura Slingo | News Editor]

Holy Guacamole! Yep, it’s guacamole day! Our favourite companion to Mexican cuisine and it’s filled with wonderful antioxidants, amino acids and essential oils so your skin gets a make over too!

In honour of our good condiment friend guacamole, here’s our top 10 facts about this tasty avocado based treat:

Bowl of guacamole with lime wedge and chip - Moms Ultimate Guacamole by MealMakeoverMoms licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
  1. Guacamole was invented in the 16th century by the Aztecs.

  2. Musician Jason Mraz has an avocado farm.

  3. A Spanish to English pronunciation guide from the 1900s translates guacamole as “salad of alligator pear”.

  4. It’s amazing on a bagel, trust.

  5. The world record for the largest serving of guacamole weighed 2,669.5kg on 4th April 2013. I wonder how           big the nachos were…

  6. Avocadoes have a high protein content of about 2g per 100g. Gains!

  7. Doritos once had guacamole flavoured tortilla chips, unfortunately they’re discontinued. Clearly the world wasn’t ready for that just yet.

  8. There are legitimate concerns about an avocado shortage in California because of the severe drought.

  9. Guacamole makes the most amazing TV adverts

  1. Joke time: What noise do green ducks make? Guac guac!

Why don’t you try making your own guacamole? Use Jamie Oliver’s recipe, one from your student cookbook or even your own recipe! Then again, there’s always Asda…

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