15 Crazy things we saw at Slam Dunk South

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor]

Slam Dunk Festival South was one of the biggest transformations for the University and saw a whole host of hardcore, rock and metal bands descending on The Forum Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. There was plenty to see in terms of music and performances, and even more to feast your eyes on whilst people-watching. So we’ve compiled a list of the craziest things we spotted, from colourful fans and various tattoos, to some interesting fashion and flashing cartoon penises. Enjoy!

#1 Blue hair, blue fingers

Spotted! Someone prepared for the festival the day before by dying their hair blue. Instead, they ended up looking like a character from Avatar.

Credit: Shelby Loasby

#2 The dude with the super-cool glasses

We saw this guy from a mile away. Ginger hair and ginger bushy beard with a white jacket and white sports glasses. He just looked awesome and we were sad we didn’t get to see him again.

Credit: Shelby Loasby

#3 8ft x 4ft flashing penis

It may not be the first penis you’ve seen in the Forum but it’s by far the biggest. Ska band Lightyear took over the Desperados stage in the Forum and decided to update their logo with a badly drawn cartoon of a penis, which was then projected up onto the back screen and proceeded to flash in various different colours. It was a happy ending for the audience.

Desperados Stage – Lightyear Credit: Bill Ahmed

#4 The crowd-surfing horse

During Lightyear’s set, they also brought out a two-man horse costume and proceeded to walk around stage before jumping into the crowd. Although security were having a field day, the audience were all too eager to push the two, poor and sweaty men inside the costume, around the Forum.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#5 The Ginger Dreadlock Guy

Everywhere we turned, the Dreadlocks were there. This guy was a top-class mosher and had the perfect hair to whip back and forth. He was tall, ginger and pale and stood out above the crowd. His t-shirt read “This guy needs a beer” and we were more than willing to buy him one.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#6 The ‘I’m ready for moshing’ man

He was standing on the outskirts of the mosh pit at the Monster stage. He looked a bit on edge and a bit nervous. But he soon whipped out the sunnies, zipped up his hoodie and put the hood on his head. It was at this moment, he knew he was ready.

Credit: Shelby Loasby

#7 The Green Mohawk

Slam Dunk brings out all the alternative people and we saw a lot of whacky hairstyles, piercings and tats. But the man with the green mohawk is worthy of mentioning. With five 18-inch (ish) spikes, dyed luminous green, this guy stood out from the crowd and put others to shame.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#8 The Inflatable Crown

His royal highness, Slam Dunker the third, was rocking out with his long luscious locks, ripped band t-shirt and some sort of sticker of a bird on his face. But most importantly, he was wearing his gold inflatable crown, announcing to the crowd that he was one to avoid.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#9 Ink everywhere!

We knew there would be a lot of tatted people at Slam Dunk, but we don’t think we’ve seen that much ink in our lives! Nearly every single person had either a big, bold tattoo, or a sleeve of crazy, colourful artwork. I might finally have the balls to get one now!

Credit: Shelby Loasby

#10 A rainbow of hair

There was a sea of colour at the festival, with blue, pink, purple and bright ginger hair. Normally people with colourful hair stand out from the crowd, but at Slam Dunk it was just madness. We even saw some girls with portable hair dye, topping up their blues in the loos.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#11 The Zebra Head

Whilst Zebrahead were playing on the Desperados stage in the Forum, some very original lad thought it would be a good idea to prance around with a Zebra head mask on. It was a strange sight, but what made it weirder was his lack of clothing to accompany it.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#12 The least Slam Dunk dunker

As we’ve already mentioned, there were some crazy people at the festival, but they were not the ones who looked odd. It was the people who looked like they’d just been for a cheeky nandos and were going on holiday to Ibiza next week, who stood out like sore thumbs. One girl in particular looked so normal with her perfect plaits and plain clothes that we almost forgot where we were.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#13 The Hawaiian shirt boys

Everyone loves the odd shit shirt night out, but the Hawaiian shirt boys took it to the next level. With bright turquoises, blues and yellows, the lads were not hard to miss. They looked dressed for a festival, just not sure which one. They did, however, look a bit boozed and were rocking out to all the right bands, so shit shirt or not, we approve!

Credit: Shelby Loasby

#14 The price of drinks

Unfortunately all festivals come with a downside and Slam Dunk was no exception. The price of food, drinks and ciggys would have put you back quite a bit, but when you’re not permitted to bring your own – unless you hide it where the sun don’t shine – it’s your only option. Just take out a couple of mortgages or find a generous loan shark and you’ll be fine.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

#15 The mess

All good things must come to an end, and the end is never pretty. Once the crowds had cleared the stages and were either on their way to the highly-anticipated After Party, or the highly appreciated Mcdonalds dinner, the ocean of plastic cups, leaflets and dignity was left on the floor. The cleaners quickly set themselves in motion though and started removing the physical leftovers of an awesome and epic day.

Credit: Bill Ahmed

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What's the craziest thing we spotted?

  1. #1 Blue Hair, blue fingers

  2. #2 The dude with the super-cool glasses

  3. #3 8ft x 4ft flashing penis

  4. #4 The crowd-surfing horse

  5. #5 The Ginger Dreadlock Guy

  6. #6 The ‘I’m ready for moshing’ man

  7. #7 The Green Mohawk

  8. #8 The Inflatable Crown

  9. #9 Ink everywhere!

  10. #10 A rainbow of hair

  11. #11 The Zebra Head

  12. #12 The least Slam Dunk dunker

  13. #13 The Hawaiian shirt boys

  14. #14 The price of drinks

  15. #15 The mess

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