12 Tweets All Too True For Uni Students

By Jemma Heard

You’ve probably clicked on this article to procrastinate a little longer on that assignment… right?

Don’t worry, procrastination is one of the many things that most students can relate to (besides drinking litres of alcohol, napping and missing lectures). While it’s deadly, procrastination can serve as a time to relax a little bit longer and forget about that assignment for just a few more hours — so, why not take some of that time to enjoy a few of these relentlessly relatable memes and tweets?


1. Well, naps are life…

"All you do is nap" First of all, I'm going back to sleep pic.twitter.com/BdRkY9gabj — no (@tbhjuststop) October 28, 2017

2. It never seems to go past-a its prime.

What are you gonna make for dinner? *monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday* pic.twitter.com/yEvSNWS0d3 — Student Problems (@StudentProblems) June 11, 2017

3. Make that a 16-hour nap for me.

im not emotionally physically or mentally ready for another Monday let alone another week I need an extra Sunday and a 12 hour nap — Tweet Like A Girl (@TweetLikeAGirI) November 14, 2016

4. Ah, sleeping: a rare delicacy.

Ever been so broke you have sleep for dinner? — Vulpix (@RisaJai) September 19, 2015

5. I mean, they didn’t say we could only have ONE free account…

me creating new accounts to get one month free trials pic.twitter.com/Z1C0VBJNnj — lauren (@sansastcrk) July 11, 2017

6. To sleep or not to sleep; that is often the question.

college is a vicious cycle of staying up late to catch up on hw & taking naps bc u stayed up late & then being behind bc u just took a nap — claud lee (@claudmialee) October 25, 2016

7. I feel personally attacked right now.

the floor is constant failure and procrastination pic.twitter.com/oMwBWgyHqU — antonio (@antoniodelotero) June 13, 2017

8. I think this is universally felt by all students.

Some guy in the middle of our exam just slammed his hands on the table and yelled “Literally what the fuck” and like I feel u dude — Tara Kennelly (@tkennelly_) October 23, 2017

9. Here’s where I really wish I was taught how to juggle.

A visual representation of me trying to juggle all of my responsibilities pic.twitter.com/xb3tdc44cl — Student Problems (@StudentProblems) September 29, 2017

10. It’s not like your mum won’t want to listen, anyway.

me in high school: *doesnt really text mom* me in college: "hey mom I just ate a chicken strip” — Kelly (@k3llytweets) October 10, 2017

11: Seriously, though: who could resist a dog?!

you lonely? pet a dog you upset? pet a dog you depressed? pet a dog you got anxiety? pet a motherf*cking dog always pet dogs — no (@tbhjuststop) March 2, 2017

12. Lastly, group presentations are the banes of our existences.

"One member from each group will present next" Me: pic.twitter.com/l4ydsS6CjN — Student Problems (@StudentProblems) October 11, 2017


Got any more funny memes or tweets you’ve found that really describe the life of a student? Tweet them to us @TridentMediaUK!

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