12 GIFs for 12 Situations Every Student Can Relate To

By Pelumi Agboola

Whether you’re the book smart that gets all your books before the semester even starts, the type who gets up 15 minutes before lectures start but still makes it, or the one that never comes to lectures but pulls all-nighters in the LRC and still comes out with a first, all university students will react to certain situations the same way.

The internet is a place where we can learn to realise this, where we can all come together and laugh at our habits and thoughts as students, and there are so many GIFs that seem to be so relatable and show exactly how you feel.

Because of this, I’ve found 12 GIFs which show how I’ve felt in different scenarios in university – ones I’m sure you can relate too.

  1. When you didn’t make it to your lecture after a night out, and your very responsible course friend gives you the extra notes and reminders you about the test next week.

[Credit: tenor.com]

Everyone needs this type of friend on their course, and if you can’t find one then be one.

  1. When all 27 of your alarms have gone off, and all you can think about is going back to sleep.

[Credit: Giphy]

  1. When you look at you bank account just before ordering two pitchers, a meal and two sides in Wetherspoons knowing you’re about to enter the red zone of your overdraft and only have a tin of beans and out-of-date bread at home.

[Credit: Giphy]

  1. The moment you realise you have a test and three assignments due in this week, and you are 0% prepared for it.

[Credit: Giphy]

Sometimes you’re unprepared for the month and everything just falls on you, I guess you just need to learn and try again next time.

  1. After a long day of trying catch up on the mountains of coursework and revision, and you get home to your flatmate holding a bottle of wine.

[Credit: Giphy]

  1. Adding ‘moreover’, ‘overall’, and ‘therefore’ to your essay to reach the word count and pretend to be sophisticated.

[Credit: Giphy]

  1. When your assignment is due in at 23:00, and it’s 22:58.

[Credit: Giphy]

We’ve all left our coursework to the last minute thinking we have time… the important thing is we get it in, right?