10th August: National Lazy Day

[Amy Parry | Contributing Writer]

The 10th of August is National Lazy Day; this day is dedicated to doing absolutely nothing so take this opportunity to hit the pause button and escape from any work, chores or activities that actually involve moving a body part. Sit back, relax and let your body and mind rest.

To all you stress heads out there, this day is especially for you! If you are constantly thinking about work, going to the gym to pump weights or even thinking about whether you should put a white or a colour wash on first, then you need to STOP, take a chill pill and honour this day!

The funny thing is we don’t even know how this day came about but if I were you I would take advantage and be LAZY!

This year National Lazy Day gets even better. Why? Because it only falls on a MONDAY.  A day which everyone dreads, the first day of the working week and an official end to the weekend. How many more reasons do you need to be persuaded to spend a whole day being lazy?

A guide to making sure your Lazy day is well and truly lazy:

#1 Stay in bed

So what if you’re awake, this doesn’t mean you have to get out of bed, tuck yourself back under those covers. The only time you should get out of bed is if you need to go to the toilet!


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#2 Wear your most comfiest clothes

No lazy day is complete without wearing your most comfy clothes, even if it’s a baggy old jumper, your nicest pair of pyjamas or just your underwear as long as it’s comfy.


Image: Google Images

#3 Watch your favourite films/ TV programmes

When do you ever get the chance to sit back, relax and watch all your favourite films or TV programmes all in one day? This is what national Lazy day is for, gather all your favourite films and download all your favourite TV programmes and watch them one after another.


Image: Netflix.com

#4 Order a takeaway

You are NOT allowed to cook anything as that will defeat the whole point of a Lazy day, so pick up the phone and order yourself your favourite takeaway.


#5 Resist the urge to do anything

The whole point of a lazy day is to be lazy and do absolutely nothing, avoid answering any calls to people who you know will ask you to do something, prevent yourself from doing any house work, if there are dirty dishes then do them tomorrow. Do NOT do any exercise whatsoever, the only exercise you will be doing is walking to the toilet or answering the door to your delivery guy.


What will you do for National Lazy Day? Let us know at @TridentMediaUK

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