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3 Things You’ll Experience At A New Job & How To Deal With Them

This article was originally created for The Odyssey Online and has been published here with the author’s permission. Starting a new job is tough, no matter what role it is. You’ve got a new boss, you’re meeting new people, you’re doing new things, making mistakes, and all of these are making it a lot harder to relax and are making your new work that extra bit tiring. Have no fear: this is all normal, even though it admittedly does kinda suck. While making mistakes is inevitab

What’s happening to students’ mental health?

Image: Pixabay [April Wilson | TV Director] With the threat of a hike in tuition fees (again) and increased competition in the job market, it appears that the pressure on students is continuing to rise. What toll does this take on students’ mental health? Student Stress While starting university can be an exciting experience, it is also a very stressful time for students. Many students will have never lived away from home before or have never been apart from their family for

Herts Alumna Zahida Khatoon talks about nursing

Image: Obeda Khanam [Huriyah Quadri | Print Editor] Nurses play a vital part in our healthcare system. They provide essential services across hospitals, care homes and even schools. University of Hertfordshire’s Zahida Khatoon graduated from her Nursing course in 2015 and is now a nurse at Lister Hospital. Trident Media spoke to Khatoon to find out what nursing life is like behind the scenes and how her time at Herts has contributed towards her career. TM: When did you decide

Hatfield community joins forces to tackle litter problem

[Laura Slingo | News Editor] The University of Hertfordshire and Hertfordshire Students’ Union invited volunteers to join its litter picking event in South Hatfield, 11.00am-2.00pm on Tuesday 9th February, to clean up the rubbish left by littering in this area. The litter pick was a huge success. Eight volunteers took part on the day including two “Rezzi Rep” (Residential Representatives) volunteers, two SU volunteers, staff members from both the University and SU, a member o

For and Against: Summer Internships

Images: Pixabay This week our writers battle it out over Summer Internships. Are they worth while, or just a waste of your precious summer months? Against: Carpe Diem [William Ahmed | Web Manager] Many students will look to summer placement schemes when trying to gain real-world experience that will complement their university education. Whilst I accept that this experience will help when it comes to writing a CV, it gives very little in terms of useable experience. I myself

Bayfordbury Conservation Day

[Oliver Price | News Sub Editor] A conservation volunteering effort organised by Carly Benson of the Hertfordshire Students’ Union took place at the Bayfordbury Campus on Wednesday March 4th. The event was coordinated in cooperation with the Ecology department of the University of Hertfordshire. The volunteer event consisted of coppicing at Hooks Grove; coppicing is method of woodland conservation very common in England which involves chopping down a section of woodland on ro