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All About The 2018 Students’ Union Elections!

By Robert Wheatley You’ve seen the posters lining the de Havilland Atrium and the hallway: it’s time for the Students’ Union Elections! The SU is nothing without a representative body, and now it’s your chance to vote who’s going to be leading it. Now that the SU Election nominations have passed, voting is now open and will continue to be until this Friday 16th, March at 2 pm, with the election results announced at 6 pm that same day. If successful, the elected officers will


On Monday 12th March, the candidates for VP Community, VP Activities and VP Education were all invited to the first of two hustings events, where they would be given the opportunity to speak with the electorate, and pitch what they would offer if elected to their chosen roles. Candidates were quizzed by students within the venue and had their answers streamed live on the SU’s Facebook page. Vice President Community Of the 7 candidates up for election, 5 candidates chose to at

The US Election: An Englishman in America

Tom Boon | Contributing Writer (American Correspondent) Every 4 years there’s one thing on America, and the world’s, mind. The US election. It’s always a big decision for America, but this year is arguably one of the biggest decisions that the world will see for a long time. President Obama has served two terms now, meaning that America must elect a new president, and the candidates are Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Hillary is a former First Lady of the United States, US

President Manifestos: Interviews and Analysis

[Laura Slingo | Elections Team] The Elections Team offered interviews to candidates on a first-come first-served basis, as slots were limited. The Role The President leads the work of the Officer team and represent students to the University and wider community. In this role they will meet regularly with senior University management and community leaders on student and campus issues. They oversee the work of the Officer team, Chair the Trustee Board and sit on the University’

The importance of students registering to vote

[Tom Boon | Contributing Writer] Students are being reminded to register to vote before the local elections in April. The parliamentary boundaries of the UK will be redrawn based on the number of people registered to vote on the 1st December. While it’s too late to register by this deadline, it’s not too late to register to vote in the 2016 elections, which will see all of the local council seats up for re-election, in addition to the Police and Crime Commissioner position fo

Grumpy Corner: Hit ’em in the Polls

You know what’s really annoying? When you ask someone where they want to eat, and they say they don’t mind, so you make a reservation at your favourite restaurant, take them there, and then they complain that they didn’t want to eat Italian, they wanted Chinese. You know what else is really annoying? People who “aren’t interested in politics”. Are you voting in the next general election? Are you registered to vote? Did you even know that you had to register? If the answer to