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Travel Time: Edinburgh

By Tom Boon It’s easy to lose track of time wandering through the medieval streets of Edinburgh. Built atop an extinct volcano, this picturesque city serves as the capital city of Scotland, and there is so much to do there that it would be impossible to say you were bored. So far this year I’ve been fortunate enough to spend an awful lot of time in this magnificent place, so I have many experiences to share. Possibly the most breathtaking thing to do in the city, which is als

Disadvantaged students significantly more likely to live at home while studying at university

By Zoe Fripp A recent study conducted by Sutton Trust has found that disadvantaged students are more than three times as likely to live at home and commute to university, compared to people from wealthier backgrounds. Sutton Trust aims to improve social mobility in the UK and conducted the research for this purpose. They have found that “Student mobility is a major factor in the higher education access gap, as students’ access to the best universities can be limited without t

You Should Totally Visit: Portugal!

By Lara Owolabi Portugal is an amazing country to visit, and if it’s not on your bucket list already, by the end of this article you’re going to want to add it! There are so many things to do and visit in Portugal, and I couldn’t possibly include everything, so I decided to list what I think shouldn’t be missed. 1. Lisbon [Credit: SofiLayla on Pixabay] This pretty city is definitely one of the first places you should visit, especially if you decide to stay outside the magnifi

Flashpacking in Vietnam

Update: In the days following this post, a fatal typhoon has hit areas of Vietnam. Trident Media has opted to keep this article available, however urges you to donate to Unicef, who are assisting those affected by the typhoon. By Mia Batrisyia Earlier this year, I travelled to Da Nang, Vietnam with three of my girlfriends to experience the backpacking culture. Basically, we wanted to look and live like a backpacker, and analyse why backpacking is such a popular culture; espec

UBER BAN? What does it mean?

Private taxi app Uber is set to be banned from operating within England’s capital, as a result of Transport for London refusing to update its private hire license after its contract expires later this month, citing “public safety and security implications”. For those not in the know, Uber allows you to select a pickup point and destination before searching for a local driver to take you on this journey. Drivers must have passed an interview process and should drive a vehicle

Holiday Destinations for Students on a Budget

Image: Ayo Busari [Mohammed Ayo Busari | Contributing Writer] Whether you’re looking for a quick beach relaxation, or you want to explore somewhere that is a bit calm with the best meals than your usual Mcdonalds in The Galleria (a perfectly respectable alternative), we have sourced the globe for the cheapest holiday choices for 2016. #1 São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo, a place to learn the salsa dance. It is the largest city in South America. The cuisine and art is as multinati

Easy Peasy Guide to getting out and about at University of Hertfordshire

Image: Pixabay [Hannah Wileman | Contributing Writer] Starting university can be a nerve-wracking and scary time; you don’t need the added pressure of worrying about how to get from A to B; whether on foot, in a taxi, bus Caption: Pixabay , bike, or train, we’ve got it covered!  So you can just get down to making new friends, having fun and enjoying Freshers’ Week, (as well as starting your course!) Taxi: Got a lot of stuff to carry into campus or have one too many shopping b

Hertfordshire and Beyond: Working in Prague

Images by Amy Parry [Amy Parry | Contributing Writer] Five months ago my boyfriend told me the most amazing news; he had been offered a six month placement in the Czech Republic to work for the third biggest information technology company in the world. I was lost for words, I felt like the proudest girlfriend in the world but there was a part of me that felt broken. He wanted me to come with him for the summer but I was unsure on what to do. Part of me wanted to play it safe

Travelling on a budget: Oslo, Norway

[Marie Land Andersen | Contributing Writer] Scandinavia, especially Norway and Denmark, are infamously some of the most expensive countries in the world and yet also a very popular travel destination. In this article, I will attempt to successfully guide you through a holiday in Oslo where you’ll get to see several historical landmarks and beautiful Scandinavian scenery on a low budget. A few things about Norway: The currency is the Norwegian Krone. One Norwegian krone = 10 B

Couple’s Getaway to Cologne

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] Move aside Berlin and Frankfurt, there is a new destination for tourists to visit; the culture and beauty of Cologne. Located on the Rhine, Cologne provides the perfect mix of just enough English speakers for any tourist to get by easily yet not overrun with tourism so you can enjoy a relaxed break. The biggest pull to most students is that Cologne is extremely cheap! Look up flight and hotel deals and you can easily find a weekend away

BlueMoon’s Top 5 Travel Apps

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] We all love going on holiday and travelling around the world. We also all love our smartphones. If only there was a way to marry the two together. And there is! We’ve compiled a list of the top five travel apps out there at the moment that help you guide yourself around cities, organise your travel itineraries and even pack your bags! Enjoy and Bon Voyage! 5) Packpoint RATING: 3/5 Moons So you’ve booked your flight and your hotel, and you’ve

Out now: BlueMoon “Around the World”

You voted and we delivered with an “Around the World” theme for our final issue of the year. Whether you’re looking for a budget holiday, handy travel apps, or to cook up something tasty from the comfort of your own home, BlueMoon has got you covered! #AroundtheWorld #Bluemoon #Travel

Exploring the world of travel photography with Karen Catchpole

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] More than 70 million people use Instagram every day. Of those pictures, over 38,000,000 are tagged #travel, and almost 100,000 with the more specific #travelphotography. When everyone armed with a smartphone and an Instagram filter thinks they’re the next big travel photographer, are we losing the art of travel photography? One person who certainly doesn’t think so is Karen Catchpole, a soon-to-be photography graduate who found her passion for

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