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Research reveals harassment and bullying of LGBT+ students and staff in colleges and universities

Image: Gratisography [Laura Slingo | News Editor] Pride and Prejudice in Education is a report produced by NUS, the Equality Challenge Unit, the Learning and Work Institute, the Skills Funding Agency and the University and College Union and the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality. It calls on universities and colleges to provide good quality training and support for staff. It also recommends that institutions develop an inclusive curriculum, have zero to

Staying safe: Herts Uni holds lowest crime ratings

[Laura Slingo – News Editor] There is no longer a need for parents to worry about leaving their babies to fend for themselves at university. Well not as much as they used to anyway. Official statistics from have revealed that the University of Hertfordshire has the lowest rate of recorded ‘student-relevant’ crimes in the east of England. The trusted university site collated police data regarding the most relevant crimes to students, including

Hatfield in top 20 safest towns for students

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] The University of Hertfordshire has been named in the list of top 20 safest town for students in the UK. Hatfield was rated 18th by – a student accomodation search portal – who compiled official police data which looked at how exposed a student would be to crime in 64 of England and Wales’ student towns and cities. The ratings analysed 535,468 crimes occurring across the various towns and cities in the areas surrounding 608 priva

Should the streetlights be turned off in Hatfield at night?

In each issue of UniVerse, two of our writers go head to head on an issue. The opinions expressed here are their own and are not endorsed by Trident Media or Hertfordshire Students’ Union. If you’d like to have your say then message us on Facebook or Twitter @TridentMediaUK! For: Turn them off. Embrace your dark side! [Melissa Nadarajan | Contributing Writer] Since 2012, Hatfield’s grey, damp streets have undergone a nightly plunge into darkness when, at the stroke of midnigh

Bonfire Night

[Krystyna King | Events Secretary] ‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.’ Bonfire Night is usually celebrated on the 5th November by having a firework display/bonfire. It is to mark the day of the Gunpowder Plot. In 1605, a man called Guy Fawkes and his group of accomplices attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London, with barrels of gunpowder placed in the b

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