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Sex and the Univercity: Tinder

About a month after ending a long-term, long distance relationship, I figured the time was right to do a little window shopping. I had previously thought of Tinder with disdain; it’s a shallow concept made even more so by people who ‘play’ in front of each other, making judgmental comments about appearances and not even bothering to read the other person’s bio. However, now that my friends and I are approaching our mid-twenties and most of the group have proper grown-up lifes

5 Top tips to clean up your online presence

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] It’s 2015, everybody is on Facebook; and unfortunately for student job-seekers, this includes potential employers. Funny cat videos aside, social media is a brilliant resource for companies on the hire, allowing them to sniff out applicants and quickly sort the potential winners from the losers. It may be slightly intrusive but unfortunately for us, the internet is open and free for anyone to peruse. So, if you’re looking for a job and you

Blogging Tips from Trident Media

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] There are well over 160 million blogs out there and countless people are taking on the role of a ‘blogger’ either for personal interests or to help further their careers. I was recently joined by Shelby Loasby and Madeleine Odelia to host a blogging workshop, with advice and information for new bloggers. Here are some of our highlights; Before you blog Before starting a blog, think about why you are blogging. Every blog should have a purpose, w

Developing your online you: Tips, tool and what to avoid

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer] In a time when 80% of employers Google jobseekers before inviting them to an interview, cultivating your online presence has never been so important. On 17th February, as part of Give it a Go!, Volunteer and Societies Coordinator Sean Howlett and ex-Trident Media editor Elizabeth Schuetz ran a workshop on ‘Developing Your Online You’. Here are some of the highlights: Four steps to clean up your online presence: Google yourself: See if yo