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2018/19 President-Elect Adil Ur Rehman stands down [Breaking]

Hertfordshire Students Union has today confirmed that Vice President Services and President-Elect Adil Ur Rehman has stood down from his position at the SU. A post on the Students Union website reads: President Elect of Hertfordshire Students’ Union, Adil Ur Rehman, will not take up his post for the 2018-19 academic year and will be resigning his current post of Vice President Services effective immediately. His responsibilities will be shared amongst the Union’s other four s

Breakout! Funeral: Why The Night Came To A Close

It’s a sad time for Breakout! fans, for six years of pop-punk, rock and party hits came to a close on the 26th of April this year, in an event appropriately titled The Breakout Funeral. For those that don’t know, Breakout! was an alternative to nights out like Contrast and Cheeky Wednesdays, offering a lot more rock classics, headbangers and beats which, now and then, was accompanied by a theme students could appreciate. Breakout! gave us some Disney discos, some Pokemon part

21st Century University Plans To Be Built In Milton Keynes

By Zoe Fripp Milton Keynes Council has confirmed that the plans for a new ‘21st century’ university will go ahead, after selecting Cranfield University as the lead partner. Currently known as MK:U, the University will hold 5,000 students, with the first being welcomed in 2023. Cranfield University will supply a curriculum focused on science, mathematics, engineering and technology, including robotics and artificial intelligence. Professor Sir Peter Gregson, the Chief Executiv

Vandalised Community Hub Receives Help From University of Hertfordshire Free Of Charge

By Zoe Fripp The University of Hertfordshire Estate’s team has helped to clean carpets, toilets and the kitchen at a local Hatfield community hub, which was recently vandalised. The Hatfield Connect premises above the Pump Gym, in Beaconsfield Court, was due to host Potential Kids: a group designed to be a safe place for children on the autism spectrum or with ADHD, to make friends in an environment designed to help them flourish, but was vandalised at the end of February. Th

Watch BBC Radio 4’s ‘The 3rd Degree’ Live On Campus!

The hit BBC Radio 4 quiz show The 3rd Degree is recording tonight at the University of Hertfordshire’s Forum, Friday 16th March at 5.40 pm, where you can be part of the audience FOR FREE! We can tell you about it ourselves, by why not hear from host Steve Punt himself? Steve is a British actor, comedian, and writer who, along with Hugh Dennis, hosts The Now Show on BBC Radio 4, and has worked on shows including Mock The Week and Would I Lie To You? The Trident caught up with

Another UH Student Wins Prize at Information Technology Awards

By Zoe Fripp A student from the University of Hertfordshire has been awarded the silver prize at the 2018 Worshipful Company of Information Technologies (WCIT) Information Technology Awards, making it the second year in a row the prize has gone to a student from the University. The awards are given out each year to give recognition to outstanding UK undergraduate and postgraduate IT students. Universities are encouraged to nominate a student candidate, providing a written cit

Disadvantaged students significantly more likely to live at home while studying at university

By Zoe Fripp A recent study conducted by Sutton Trust has found that disadvantaged students are more than three times as likely to live at home and commute to university, compared to people from wealthier backgrounds. Sutton Trust aims to improve social mobility in the UK and conducted the research for this purpose. They have found that “Student mobility is a major factor in the higher education access gap, as students’ access to the best universities can be limited without t

UK braces for more extreme weather as Met Office warns of snow

By Zoe Fripp The snowstorm referred to as ‘the beast from the east’ is expected to bring the lowest recorded temperatures for this time of year since 1986, and freezing conditions in the South-East of England and across the east coast for the rest of this week. Yellow and amber weather warnings have been put in place by the Met Office for England, Scotland and Wales as it is predicted that up to 15cm of snow could fall in certain parts of the UK and temperatures are expected

University of Hertfordshire’s Oral History Team commended at prestigious awards evening

By Zoe Fripp The University of Hertfordshire’s Oral History Team’s BBC R4 documentary Instant History have been commended at a prestigious awards evening in London. The team’s documentary received its commendation in the Radio and Podcast Category at the 2018 Royal Historical Society Public History Awards, which took place on the 26th January at Mary Ward House. The distinguished judging panel included the likes of Professor Mary Beard, known for her television documentaries,

Over 17,000 University Students Face Rent Debt

By Zoe Fripp New figures reveal that the number of students facing rent arrears has risen 16% in the last year. The figures were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and revealed that more than 17,000 students living in university accommodation have fallen behind with their rent. The figures also revealed that the number of students being evicted from their halls of residence or having their contract terminated after failing to pay rent has slowly begun to rise. Alis

Free Speech Fears Are Being “Whipped up”, University Leader Claims

By Zoe Fripp A University Vice Chancellor has claimed that fears about university free speech were generated to “create moral panic.” Professor Adam Tickell, from Sussex University, delivered his argument to a Parliamentary committee during an inquiry into campus free speech. The inquiry comes after former Universities Minister, Jo Johnson expressed last year that he felt free speech is limited at some universities. He said that campuses could face fines in the future from th

University of Hertfordshire Student Is Raising Money For Humanitarian Project in South Africa

By Robert Wheatley Humanitarian work is often regarded as extremely valuable: it’s knowing you’ve truly made a difference to people’s lives in places of unrest, and have acted altruistically to help those in need. What is more, having any form of volunteer work on your CV is a smart move, and one that can truly help you stand out among the crowd; especially, as with Aimone’s case, you desire to pursue humanitarian work. [Credit & person in photo: Aimone Sharif] Aimone Sharif

Students of UH “invaluable” in assisting at fun sports event for people with disabilitie

By Zoe Fripp Thirty physiotherapy volunteers from the University of Hertfordshire were crucial to the success of the first-ever ‘Winter Wonderwheels’ event on the International Day of Disability in December. The event, created by Paralympian Sophia Warner, attracted over 500 disabled participants, and formed part of the ‘SuperheroSeries’; created to enable people with disabilities and an interest in sports a chance to participate in a variety of events, including running and

BREAKING NEWS: The Wright Building on fire?

The following is a live account of events currently unfolding by Trident contributor Tom Boon. More details will follow when we have them. At 13:40 on Friday 8th December a fire alarm started to sound in the Wright building. After the building was evacuated, two fire engines from St Albans arrived escorted by UH Security. It quickly became apparent that this was a real emergency when the fire crews started to run inside with breathing apparatus and hoses. 14:15 UPDATE: Police

Student Union met with criticism over Reindeer Referendum decision

By Robert Wheatley After a referendum was held regarding the use of live reindeer at its Christmas Market, the Student Union has decided to follow the minority vote rejecting the inclusion of these animals. This decision was made, according to the SU website, because “such a high number of our students asked us not to have the reindeer, and it was on this basis that the original debate was being had, [so we considered] it would be best to source an alternative form of enterta

MP’s vote ‘animals cannot feel pain or emotion’ into Brexit bill

By Zoe Fripp MP’s have voted not to include the clause of animal sentience into the EU withdrawal bill. Animal sentience was incorporated into EU Law in 2009 with the Lisbon Treaty, and Michael Gove initially promised to prioritise animal rights during the Brexit Campaign. However, the government has now voted to dismiss the clause, justifying this by saying that it is covered by the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which sparked criticism from the RSPCA who explained that the Act on

What’s On At UH: Contrast

Cheeky Wednesday and Breakout! are hardly the only nights out available to students, and hardly the only ones that allow a budget-friendly alcohol-fest. Another one of the Forum’s very own nights out is Contrast: a weekly show that draws in special guest DJs and overloads its guests with drink deals that rival any night out in London. This Friday, 17 November, Contrast will take place at the Forum as usual, 10:30 pm to 3:00 am; its music spread between two rooms of pounding R

What’s On At UH: Battle of the Campuses, Zombies & Thorpe Park

By Robert Wheatley This year’s launch of the Battle of the Campuses has been successful so far, but some students might not even know what it is. Because of this, The Trident decided to sit down with the Student Union’s VP of Activities, Rosy Vega, who gave us some insight into the tournaments, and what inspired the competition. It was also the perfect time to find out what the SU also has plans for to finish off this October month, and what is in store for us sounds incredib

Launch Of The Battle Of The Campuses

By Robert Wheatley The Battle of the Campuses’ launch on the 21st October was an immensely successful night, with tons of students getting involved in some of the outlandish activities like a rapid-fire, one-handed chicken nugget-eating contest and a few rounds of an awesomely intense Flip Cup competition that had the audience yelling in a glorifying spur of encouragement. The night started a little slow, but as soon as students overheard our host, VP Rosy Vega’s announcement

We’ve Landed In The Top 2.1% For World University Rankings!

By Robert Wheatley The University of Hertfordshire has been designated the 575th place of over 27,000 universities worldwide and 42nd in the UK by the CWUR World University Rankings. CWUR is the largest academic ranking of global universities, and out of 27,770 of their evaluated higher education institutions, we made it into the top 2.1%, meaning our quality of education and training of students, along with the achievements of our researchers and faculty have been recognised

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