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NUS Hold Regional Network Events Across Country

Aaron Hurst – News Editor From the 6th-21st October, the NUS held seven regional network events across the country in an aim to bring students from various universities together to make positive changes to the higher education system. The events, which were organised by NUS President Malia Bouattia, were set up in the lead up to the union’s national demonstration on the 19th November. Bouattia, who attended the network events along with the union’s Vice-President Union Develo

LinkedIn: Dos and Don’ts

Image: Pixabay [Raymond Adekolu | Contributing Writer] Have you ever wondered what to do on LinkedIn, to maximize your success in connecting with others? In what follows, you with discover the five mistakes people make on LinkedIn that are killing their success when connecting with others, and five things that you can adopt to improve your success in connecting with others. 1) Do: have a professional profile picture I know this sounds like common sense, but it seems as though

Student Raymond Adekolu launches online communication service

Image: Robert Wheatley [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] For a business to be successful nowadays, networking is key. If a company wants an employee with certain skills they can start hiring, or they can network in their industry, but is it that simple for those wanting to start their own business without such connections? University of Hertfordshire student, Raymond Adekolu, wants to help encourage those that wish to become self-employed with Partner-Up, a platform that w