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Drag With No Name

The Elehouse is renown for holding its Sunday Pub Quizzes and Karaoke, but not so much a lip sync battle! Nonetheless, students on February 28th seemed to highly appreciate the change Drag With No Name brought to the stage as what appeared to be over 150 students turned up to watch her hilarious performance. Described by one student as “one of the best events held at the Elehouse in a while”, Drag With No Name took to the stage in front of an outpour of students in the pub, w

Crossing The Intersection

On February 26th, the University of Hertfordshire hosted Crossing the Intersection – Intersectionality Discussion Panel: an event that aimed to open up a discussion about intersectionality and its role in egalitarianism and conversations about social justice today. While the event didn’t have much of an audience turnout, responses from the panel and audience suggested that such a panel, and more like it, were well worth having. As the event began panelists took their seats, i

Jewish and Genderqueer: Two Identities That Work

By Ollie Read and Robert Wheatley It’s often assumed that, as a person of faith, one must identify a certain way in order to follow a religion because of what a holy text appears to denote, forcing individuals to either lose their faith or find other methods to conform; ideas that may be psychologically damaging, and, at times, life-threatening. As time has moved on, religious communities and communities of faith have begun to reject these harmful attempts at trying to change

#NationalComingOutDay: I’m Constantly Coming Out As A Member Of The LGBTQ+ Community

This article was originally written for The Odyssey Online, and has been posted here with the author’s permission. My coming out experience with my parents was accidental. Kind of. As queer folks tend to do, I initially came out to close friends; my friends at secondary school and people I knew wouldn’t judge me for it. The response I have received to coming out has mostly been incredibly supportive, and I cannot downplay just how lucky I’ve been. See, I’d wanted to come out