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Saving Lives With Drones ‘n’ iPhones

In this modern era of technology and science, we’re always asking what could possibly be next. For years now, we’ve been donating to cancer research, and organisations like this to enhance health services and reassure humankind of a flourishing future. We also use technology day in and day out: using our phones as an alarm, reminders and a source of news, but we continue to ask ourselves what else our phones could do for us. Sometimes, upgrading the things that help us save l

Inventions That Save The Environment

By Leong Qi Tyng – Contributing Writer “We still think of the deep ocean as being this remote and pristine realm, safe from human impact, but our research shows that, sadly, this could not be further from the truth,” said Alan Jamieson, lead author of the study on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) recently discovered in the Mariana Trench. It is a known fact that humans have been polluting the Earth for a long time. Now, a new study in Nature Ecology and Evolution has iden

What’s New In Science February

By Leong Qi Tyng – Contributing Writer The article this month focuses on current and upcoming inventions that could change our human lives for the better (or worse, depends how you see it). Dancing Drones The dancing drones, named Shooting Stars, made its appearance during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Intel controlled 300 drones used in the show via a central computer. It was noted that a single central computer could control a fleet of 10,000 drones. The successful

What’s Happening in Science

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovation Editor What’s going on in the realm of discovery? Off to a rough start, global warming is affecting the Great Barrier Reef’s marine life, resulting in large quantities of coral dying — however, scientists suggest potential for recovery. Most change has been for the positive: we’ve discovered almost 1,500 new viruses as a result of studying creatures not often considered, and Women in Science are aiming to combat misogyny and anti-imm

Female Inventors You Should Have Learnt About in School

Image: [Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] Everyone knows about Thomas Edison and his invention of the light bulb, Alexander Bell and his marvellous telephone, even Nikola Tesla who forged fluorescent light bulbs, X-rays, radios, lasers, wireless communication and limitless free energy (seriously this man is the bomb), but what about women? Which famous female inventors do you know about? None? One maybe two? Well here are seven of my favourites, and hopefully, t

2015/16 Inventions and Discoveries

Image: Kasia Sawicka [Leong Qi Tyng | Contributing Writer] Wondering what kinds of new and wonderful inventions and discoveries have crept into our lives recently? Here’s a short list of what’s been going on since 2015! Thinx: Period-proof Underwear by Miki & Radha Agrawal and Antonio Dunbar (USA & Sri Lanka) Image: I always wondered how female superheroes go about crime fighting on their period week. Do they have time for a quick change? Well, thanks to Thin

Ascent Demo Review

[Oliver Price | News Manager] It’s pretty clear to see why the demo of Ascent won Game of the Year from the CG Student Awards. In Ascent you play as a grasshopper-person named Tari, as she tries to make it from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. The description says that you have been compelled to climb a tree after being infected with a cordyceps fungus, the very same fungus infecting people in the smash hit zombie game The Last of Us. However, the

Interview with Zakia Abdullah: Game Developer of Ascent

[Lashara Van Heerden | Features Manager] Ascent is an indie game with unique visuals in a botanical design, which won the CG Student Awards for Game of the Year in 2015. I caught up with Zakia Abdullah, one of the game developers for Ascent and she gave me the bigger picture of creating a game in a team. Note: Zakia’s answers for this interview included input from all of Ascent’s team members. TM: Please tell me about the game developers that helped create this game. What the

Student Showcase: Jamie McComb, third-year VFX student

Image: Robert Wheatley [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] The University of Hertfordshire was one of the highest ranking universities in the world for its Visual Effects (VFX) course in 2015, and is still one of the highest rated courses in the UK. The students on the course have worked with many high profile companies and organisations including the BBC’s 2010 Olympics presentation and The Mill. Trident Media spoke to Jamie McComb, a third year VFX student about his experi

Student Raymond Adekolu launches online communication service

Image: Robert Wheatley [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] For a business to be successful nowadays, networking is key. If a company wants an employee with certain skills they can start hiring, or they can network in their industry, but is it that simple for those wanting to start their own business without such connections? University of Hertfordshire student, Raymond Adekolu, wants to help encourage those that wish to become self-employed with Partner-Up, a platform that w

Student entrepreneur Ruth Thompson of Kawaii Studios

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] University of Hertfordshire’s third-year Mass Communications student, Ruth Thompson, is doing the impossible. She is successfully juggling a degree, a business, and a YouTube channel. Recently, we spoke to her about her business, Kawaii Studios, and how she manages to stay sane as a super-busy, self-employed student. TM: Tell us a bit about yourself and the course you do at UH. RT: Okay, so I’m Ruth. I come from Surrey and I do Mass Commun

Dive into the atmospheric sounds of Insight Music’s ENCOMPASS

Image: Pixabay Encompass will be the first physical release of UH graduate label Insight Music and invites you to a journey of sentimental sounds. [Carolin Simon | Contributing Writer] Stefan Baranowski, founder of Insight Music, gave Trident Media an exclusive preview of its new album to be released this January. You’re invited to a journey through a variety of chilled, ambient and future-garage sounds. The 14-track album captures all major sounds of the label that have been

Herts student the founder of a new men’s magazine

[Shelby Loasby | Head of Print] There’s a new kid on the block in the world of men’s magazines: Copper Thorn. The online magazine was just founded in June this year and has ambitious plans to overtake its inspiring companies: GQ and Esquire. We caught up with the man behind Copper Thorn Media Ltd, Jacob Beckingham-Wells, and he just so happens to be a second year student at the University of Hertfordshire. At the beginning At just 19 years old, Jacob is the founder and managi

Research Spotlight: Asthma Inhaler

[Lashara Van Heerden | Features Manager] The University of Hertfordshire has given Ms Antje Illner and Prof Mark Bloomfield (School of Creative Arts) and Dr David Chau and Ms Roohi Mehra (Department of Pharmacy) the UH Diamond Fund 2015 Award. Sarah Guirguis, a 3rd Year MPharm student, will also be part on the program. The funding will support their project to explore the feasibility of designing and making asthma inhalers that are stylish and user friendly. The aim is to dev

Don’t Panic! The Hitchhikers Guide to Asteroids.

[Betlehem Fekade | Innovation Editor] The threat of human extinction is a fascinating prospect often theorised about in fiction, with Doomsday predictions and fears hovering over every society since the beginning of civilisation; nothing presents a more realistic and plausible apocalyptic scenario than the threat of giant asteroid impact. The internet was set alight by a rumoured asteroid that was set to make a very close pass with our little blue rock earlier last month. The

We, the Peeple.

As noted by Elle Hunt, the soon to be released Peeple app does seem to be straight from the ‘MeowMeowBeenz’ episode of American sitcom Community. The episode features the already questionably-run college turning into an extreme social hierarchy ruled by the elite five and four MeowMeowBeenz, who rule over the lesser twos and banished ones. Now, the world may not be as easily convinced as a whole to enforce a society based on human TripAdvisor ratings, but it may be a little n

How gravity can leave you breathless

[Kealie Mardell | Media Coordinator] In 2012 I suffered from bilateral pulmonary emboli (blood clots on your lungs). A course of blood thinners and some lifestyle management tips and I was back on my feet six months later. Yet being on my feet was causing chest pain and shortness of breath. These symptoms are very similar to those which I experienced with the blood clots, and knowing that I’m likely to clot again, there have been many over-cautious trips to the hospital when

New font to help make a difference to the lives of dyslexia sufferers

[Taveena Atsu| Features Sub Editor] A new font called ‘Dyslexie’ has been designed by Dutch graphic designer Christian Boer to try and create a stress-free reading experience for others, like himself, who have dyslexia.  We give you an insight on the new font and interview Emma Diston, at Hertfordshire Disability Services, to get her thoughts on it. The font was originally created as part of Boer’s thesis whilst at Utrecht Art Academy, and changes the shapes of letters so tha

Debunking the science myths: Ebola   

[Betty Fekade | Contributing Writer] In December 2013, the world awoke to the news of a deadly new epidemic ravaging the west coast of Africa. Very quickly, the word “Ebola” seemed synonymous with death and the destruction of social order.  Panic and lack of public understanding has led to the emergence of misunderstandings about the disease. In this article, I am going to attempt to address some of these misconceptions. Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, simply known as Ebola, was nam

Android Lollipop: One Tasty Treat

[Oliver Price | Contributing Writer] The 13th of November was a big moment for phone nerds like me. After what seemed like a delay that spanned a new Ice Age (it was about 2 weeks), Google finally rolled out Android 5.0 Lollipop to their Nexus 5 phone. Android Lollipop is the latest pudding themed release of Android from Google; these delicious names started in April 2009 with Android 1.5 Cupcake (beforehand only numbers were used). Android Cupcake introduced support third pa