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Launch Of The Battle Of The Campuses

By Robert Wheatley The Battle of the Campuses’ launch on the 21st October was an immensely successful night, with tons of students getting involved in some of the outlandish activities like a rapid-fire, one-handed chicken nugget-eating contest and a few rounds of an awesomely intense Flip Cup competition that had the audience yelling in a glorifying spur of encouragement. The night started a little slow, but as soon as students overheard our host, VP Rosy Vega’s announcement

So I tried out a new sport…

Image: Unsplash – Brandon Redfern [Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] I would consider myself quite a sporty person, and I like to try out new things and break away from my comfort zone. Some sports I have fallen in love with and taken to borough/county level such as competitive swimming, squash, biathlon, cross country plus both indoor and outdoor rowing. Others I have attempted and realised that they weren’t for me, such as netball, kickboxing, hockey and athletic field events

Get into Football Day

[Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] The start of Semester B saw campus football return with the famous Get into Football Day on 22nd January on the de Havilland pitches. Creating a team isn’t easy for international students that have just arrived from overseas; which is why Get into Football Day is a vital event for both newcomers and existing teams that are scouting for the next big talent. The first part of the day was dedicated to the traditional 11-a-side game. Recent winner

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