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The Elehouse is back in business!

The EleHouse is back in business, set to open Monday the 18th September at 9am with a brand new breakfast and hot drinks menu, as well as a wonderful new logo (‘Ele’ house – geddit?) The new menu not only boasts new food options but ones suitable for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. There’s delicious American style pancakes, a filling breakfast baguette, as well as the delight that stops us millennial’s from affording housing — avocado toast! A new selection of dri

President Trump: A Victory For The US?

Ben Brown – Contributing Writer It’s official! Donald J. Trump has been elected the President of the United States of America. But how did this happen? What happened in the US that resulted in the tools used to shape the nation being handed over to the Republicans, even after Barack Obama had such a strong approval rating? I believe the reasons lie somewhere between fear, disenfranchisement, “The Regressive Left”, and Hillary Clinton’s reputation. With the rise of the Islamic

Interview with Rod Argent

By Aiden Perrins – Editor Last week, Trident Media spoke with Rod Argent of The Zombies. We asked him about what made The Zombies get back together and start playing again in 2000, he said: “Well it wasn’t quite that, back in 2000 I did a charity event with John Dankworth (jazz musician), who is a friend. Colin (Blunstone) was in the audience and got up and sang a couple of songs in the spur of the moment and it really felt like we’d only been together a few weeks previously.

A Special Evening with Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone

By Aiden Perrins – Editor On Friday 21st October Trident Media were granted the amazing opportunity of attending A Special Evening with Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone at St Albans Cathedral. Argent and Blunstone, who are originally from St Albans, rose to fame in the 1960s with their band The Zombies, who last year released a new album, the aptly named ‘Still Got That Hunger’. Their show at the cathedral began with an intro played by Argent on the cathedral organ, and then a

Why Join Trident Media – Editorial

By Aimone Sharif – Head of Editorial Trident Media’s editorial team is the award-winning outlet that has proven that the art of writing has yet to disappear. Throughout the years the editorial team (also known previously as print team) has established a vast range of contacts at the University and outside and has acquired the power to reach out to all types of students at the University, in the country and around the world due to our diverse team and audience. Being part of t

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