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What the Catalonia Referendum teaches us about democracy

By James Lewis On the 21st December, the pro-independence coalition of Together For Catalonia, Republican Left, and the Popular Unity Party declared victory in the Catalonia regional elections after record numbers hit the voting booths. This was, re-elected Catalan President Carles Puigdemont claimed, a victory not just for his Together For Catalonia and the separatist movement, but for the “Catalan Republic”. However, celebrations for Carles Puigdemont and many of his senior

Student Union met with criticism over Reindeer Referendum decision

By Robert Wheatley After a referendum was held regarding the use of live reindeer at its Christmas Market, the Student Union has decided to follow the minority vote rejecting the inclusion of these animals. This decision was made, according to the SU website, because “such a high number of our students asked us not to have the reindeer, and it was on this basis that the original debate was being had, [so we considered] it would be best to source an alternative form of enterta

Hertfordshire Students’ Union Elections 2016: your need-to-know guide

[Laura Slingo | Elections Team] The Hertfordshire Students’ Union Elections 2016 are in full swing, with your candidates working hard to research students’ wants and needs, carefully crafting manifestos to address these priorities and planning spectacular campaigns to prove to you why you should vote for them. But what exactly are you as UH students voting for and why should you? Here’s your latest survival guide for Herts SU elections. What does the Students’ Union do for me

Full-Time Candidates Announced

[Tom Boon | Elections Team] Hertfordshire Students’ Union has announced the list of candidates who are standing for full-time positions as your elected officers for 2016. The elected officers represent students within the union, the University and the community, and are responsible for the direction of the SU. President The President of the Students’ Union is the director of the union. Responsible for guiding the SU forward, the president is also responsible for carrying the