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(World Vegan Day) Why I Went Vegan

By Robert Wheatley It’s World Vegan Day; the day us vegans fuse together to generate renewable energy and tell people we’re vegan. We tend to have a bit of a bad rep, us plant-eaters: supposedly we’re either shoving our diet in people’s faces or causing harm to plants because they supposedly feel pain. Personally, I haven’t encountered any militant vegans slapping the burgers from people’s hands, yelling “MEAT IS MURDER”; and, secondly… listen: I have to eat something. Like,

7th August: Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

[Brad Johnson | Vice President Communications & Media] Although situated in the middle of the year, no where near Easter or Christmas, particularly preposterous packaging can still put a stain on your day all throughout the year. The packaging not only drains your energy and wastes time in your already busy day, it also creates an abundance of extra rubbish that your local council probably won’t even take away as it not the ‘correct’ type of plastic. It has even been reported

Bayfordbury Conservation Day

[Oliver Price | News Sub Editor] A conservation volunteering effort organised by Carly Benson of the Hertfordshire Students’ Union took place at the Bayfordbury Campus on Wednesday March 4th. The event was coordinated in cooperation with the Ecology department of the University of Hertfordshire. The volunteer event consisted of coppicing at Hooks Grove; coppicing is method of woodland conservation very common in England which involves chopping down a section of woodland on ro