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On Monday 12th March, the candidates for VP Community, VP Activities and VP Education were all invited to the first of two hustings events, where they would be given the opportunity to speak with the electorate, and pitch what they would offer if elected to their chosen roles. Candidates were quizzed by students within the venue and had their answers streamed live on the SU’s Facebook page. Vice President Community Of the 7 candidates up for election, 5 candidates chose to at

Try Something New, Try Park Run

By Aimone Sharif- Head of Editorial Do you like running? Want to keep fit? Or would like to be part of a community led program? Come join us at Park Run every Saturday morning for a 5kms race, jog or walk according to your taste. Park Run was created in the UK in 2004 and is now an international running scheme, hosted in 14 countries including France, Canada, Singapore, and The Netherlands. All you need to do is register once on the Park Run website, and after each race your

BoomTown – The Revolution Starts Now

[Bryony Wharfe | Contributing Writer] BoomTown, set up in Hampshire in 2009 as a humble village fair, is now growing rapidly with a strong hold on creativity, colour, expression, freedom and humanity. And that’s all within a magical pop-up city. Each year is a different chapter and this year from 11th-14th of August; it will be celebrating its eighth year, with the story of a brainwashed mayor and the aftermath of an alien invasion. The festival is structured around a ‘mythos

Nominate an inspirational student

Image: Unsplash – Murat Birtane [Laura Slingo | News Editor] Hertfordshire University is working with its dedicated policing team, who constantly provide exceptional care on campus for students and students living in the neighbouring areas. This year, the University and the PCSO team are inviting people to nominate students who consistently endeavour to help others as part of The Community Award, sponsored by the University’s Diamond Fund. Now in its second year, this accolad

Hatfield community joins forces to tackle litter problem

[Laura Slingo | News Editor] The University of Hertfordshire and Hertfordshire Students’ Union invited volunteers to join its litter picking event in South Hatfield, 11.00am-2.00pm on Tuesday 9th February, to clean up the rubbish left by littering in this area. The litter pick was a huge success. Eight volunteers took part on the day including two “Rezzi Rep” (Residential Representatives) volunteers, two SU volunteers, staff members from both the University and SU, a member o

Could you be the winner of the Community Student Award?

[Shelby Loasby | Print Editor] A new award has been established by the University of Hertfordshire’s dedicated policing team, for students who have gone the extra mile to help others around Hatfield. The Community Student Award will be given to a student who has made a positive impact in the community. This can be due to a single act of kindness, such as; looking out for an elderly neighbour, putting out their neighbours bins or helping a sick neighbour. The award works via n