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Business School Holds Their Annual Awards Ceremony for 2016

Aaron Hurst – News Editor The University’s Business School held their annual Dean’s Awards on Tuesday 11 October, where their students were awarded for all their hard work in the past year. Categories included Academic Achievement at levels four to seven, Academic Advancement and Embracing Adversity. The awards were hosted and overseen by school dean Damian Ward. The ceremony began with the Academic Achievement awards for levels four to seven; Nazan Coktas, Victoria Balsdon,

LinkedIn: Dos and Don’ts

Image: Pixabay [Raymond Adekolu | Contributing Writer] Have you ever wondered what to do on LinkedIn, to maximize your success in connecting with others? In what follows, you with discover the five mistakes people make on LinkedIn that are killing their success when connecting with others, and five things that you can adopt to improve your success in connecting with others. 1) Do: have a professional profile picture I know this sounds like common sense, but it seems as though

Student-run fashion show raises money for charity

Image: Pixabay [Laura Slingo | News Editor] On Thursday 3rd ,March, Event Management students Nancy Lund, Alina Lin and Lauren Mainwaring watched their well-planned fashion show come to life. In time for Europe Week (29th February – 4th March) the final-year students organised an event for their Event Project Module with the Study Abroad team at the University of Hertfordshire as their clients. Pitching such a unique event as a fashion show to the Study Abroad Department lead

Instagram celebrity Munira Nur plans YouTube success

[Lashara Van Heerden | Features Editor] Instagram has revolutionised the capabilities of start-up businesses. Being dubbed an “Instagram celebrity” often comes with the opportunity to establish a following for upcoming business ventures. Munira Nur is an Instagram celebrity and has roughly 10,000, and counting, Instagram followers. Nur is known as a comedic personality with various comedic skits showcased on her Instagram page @MuniraChoco. 20-year-old Nur is in the midst of

Event Management students Make-A-Wish come true

Image: Huriyah Quadri [Laura Slingo | News Editor] Second-year Event Management students are to hold an entertainment evening in the bid to raise money for Make-A-Wish charity. On Friday 15th, April in the Comet Room, Club de Havilland, a variety of societies and students will be volunteering to put on an evening’s worth of entertainment for both the University of Hertfordshire and local community. Event Management students Amy Pettitt, Angela DiCarlo, Charlotte Thomas, Chloe

Student Raymond Adekolu launches online communication service

Image: Robert Wheatley [Robert Wheatley | Lifestyle Editor] For a business to be successful nowadays, networking is key. If a company wants an employee with certain skills they can start hiring, or they can network in their industry, but is it that simple for those wanting to start their own business without such connections? University of Hertfordshire student, Raymond Adekolu, wants to help encourage those that wish to become self-employed with Partner-Up, a platform that w

Winners announced in the University of Hertfordshire Small Grants for Impact 2016 competition

Image: Bryony Wharfe [Laura Slingo | News Editor] The Social Science, Arts and Humanities Research Institute (SSAHRI) is pleased to announce that members of the Institute have been presented with awards under the University’s Small Grants for Impact 2016. Plenty of University lecturers are completing research and projects alongside their teaching and these awards help achieve this. These University-wide awards are for the purpose of helping researchers to develop the economic

Student entrepreneur Ruth Thompson of Kawaii Studios

[Katie Noble | Entertainment Editor] University of Hertfordshire’s third-year Mass Communications student, Ruth Thompson, is doing the impossible. She is successfully juggling a degree, a business, and a YouTube channel. Recently, we spoke to her about her business, Kawaii Studios, and how she manages to stay sane as a super-busy, self-employed student. TM: Tell us a bit about yourself and the course you do at UH. RT: Okay, so I’m Ruth. I come from Surrey and I do Mass Commun

Introducing Forward Women: building confidence through body awareness

Image: Laura Slingo [Saskia Brüske | Contributing Writer] On Wednesday 18 November, I attended the Introducing Forward Women conference hosted by The Guardian. It was titled as “a one-day conference to set you on the road to success” and there were lots of opportunities for us attendees – from talks to Q&A sessions, debates and different breakout sessions. The one breakout session I took part in was called “First impressions: building confidence through body awareness.” It wa

New Fashion & Fashion Business course

Image: HSMCH, Wikipedia Commons [Lashara Van Heerden | Features Manager] This September, the School of Creative Arts launched the Fashion and Fashion Business award in response to the evolving fashion industry. Programme Leader for the Fashion and Fashion Business degree, Tony Rosella, explains that “[they] have designed an award that [they] feel is relevant, not just relevant to a national market, but to an international market too.” The new course prepares students for a pr

Herts student the founder of a new men’s magazine

[Shelby Loasby | Head of Print] There’s a new kid on the block in the world of men’s magazines: Copper Thorn. The online magazine was just founded in June this year and has ambitious plans to overtake its inspiring companies: GQ and Esquire. We caught up with the man behind Copper Thorn Media Ltd, Jacob Beckingham-Wells, and he just so happens to be a second year student at the University of Hertfordshire. At the beginning At just 19 years old, Jacob is the founder and managi