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Giving you the latest information about student life and updates from Hertfordshire University and surrounding areas

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Fine Art Students Host Annual Exhibition

By Aaron Hurst – News Editor From the 27th January to the 2nd February, the School of Creative Arts’ Level 5 Fine Art Students put together their annual exhibition inside the university’s art gallery. The exhibition, named ‘REPOSITION/COLLISION’, displayed intentionally contrasting works of art that reflected particular major events that occurred in the last year. The term ‘reposition’ in the exhibition’s name represented Britain voting to leave the European Union and the con

Hatfield’s hidden graffiti gems

[Kat Clements | Contributing Writer] Hatfield has many great features. A thriving street art scene has never been one of them. But there are many hidden gems around the area- here are some of our favourites. The Demon Businessman Galleria underpass. Evil of corporate unity? Perils of capitalism? Who knows? Mario Mushrooms College Lane road sign. Drugs? Probably. Portrait Galleria underpass. Pop-Art portrait. Word Art Asda underpass. Pretty sure this says “Balls to la vie en r

Creative Arts Spotlight: Elizabeth Cahill

Elizabeth Cahill My work is very sculptural based and having grown up with horses they are big a big part of my life and a big inspiration for me. I tend to the form of the horse as an alter ego to express my emotions or my voice. I like to work in a figurative way but also be playful and combine found, everyday objects to be subversive. The horse head with the towel came about when I was working on the clay, trying to keep it wet to eventually create a cast from it. I was re

Creative Arts Spotlight: Rachel Prior

Rachel Prior ‘Internal Intervention’ Fine Art final year Through the medium of photography, Internal Intervention depicts a shot of a brain held up by  a hand, with the text ‘Do you love me?’ layered over the top and enclosed in a white box. Throughout our lives we are faced with choices, some of which require the logical thinking associated with the brain, and others which are impulsively decided by what we feel in our hearts. One will rarely agree with the other, and an int

The art of body modification

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] Body modification. This might sound intense and scary to some, but it’s a weird term for something truly wonderful. For many, it’s a cultural tradition seeped in history, for others it’s an expression of art and individuality. The act of altering one’s appearance, body modification holds countless possibilities, although two of the most common are tattoos and piercings. On a more extreme level, there are practices such as skin stretching, brand

Creative Arts Spotlight: Liberty Heath

Name: Liberty Heath > Course: BSc Hons Mathematics > Year: 4th Year I like to create art that draws attention and tells a story, where each person can have their own interpretation of what that story might be. In this piece I enjoyed drawing the serious elements such as the cyclops eye, the wires and ear pieces, then pairing them with light hearted images like the fluffy cardigan and the ice cream. On their own they might be simple, but together they do seem weird and wonderf

Creative Arts Spotlight: Lily Rankine

Lily Rankine Fine Art 1st year I guess there is a common theme throughout my work. When I am in the studio giving birth to all these little creations I tend to think about using stereotypical child materials like glitter, sequins and very poor stitching skills ect… I use these materials to portray an underlying dark matter, sometimes to do with sex, feminism and adult conversations. I think the contrast between the subject matter and the actual material and process used to cr

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