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Herts Alumna Zahida Khatoon talks about nursing

Image: Obeda Khanam [Huriyah Quadri | Print Editor] Nurses play a vital part in our healthcare system. They provide essential services across hospitals, care homes and even schools. University of Hertfordshire’s Zahida Khatoon graduated from her Nursing course in 2015 and is now a nurse at Lister Hospital. Trident Media spoke to Khatoon to find out what nursing life is like behind the scenes and how her time at Herts has contributed towards her career. TM: When did you decide

Interview with Isobelle Clarke: graduate talk about success and happiness

Image: Isobelle Clarke [Carolin Simon | Contributing Writer] Isobelle climbed high on the happiness and success ladder in the past years. She completed her undergraduate studies with the highest first class honours award, which no full-time humanities student had ever received before. She participated in the TEDx Talks at the University of Hertfordshire and received a scholarship to fulfil her dream of going into deeper research of Forensic Linguistics. Her success secret see

Hertfordshire then and now

Image: Tom Boon [Aaron Hurst | Contributing Writer] We conducted an interview with University of Hertfordshire alumna, Fiona BeLieu Williston, who graduated from Hatfield Polytechnic in 1986. While at Herts, Fiona completed a degree in Applied Social Studies with a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work, and is currently working for the Cumberland-Perry Drug & Alcohol Commission in Pennsylvania as a Prevention Program Supervisor. TM: We were intrigued to hear that you gr