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Giving you the latest information about student life and updates from Hertfordshire University and surrounding areas

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Profile interview of Vice President Student Activities, Annabel Mabin.

Image: Tom Boon [Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer] Annabel is sat at her desk, computer on and hockey ball in her stationery holder, you can see this isn’t where she’s comfortable though; she loves sport and everything about it: “There’s a buzz that playing sport gives you that you don’t get from anything else.” Office work can be fun – especially in the Students’ Union, but quite clearly not compared to sport, as far as she is concerned, and that resonates when she speaks

Herts Women Hockey 1st team against King’s College 3rd

[Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] The University of Hertfordshire’s Women’s Hockey 1st team continue their winning streak after a landslide 6-0 win against King’s College (GKT) 3rd team, in their first game back after the Christmas break. The harsh weather conditions didn’t hinder their team spirit, as the girls dominated possession of the ball throughout the match with all of the players given equal game time. The beginning of the game was scrappy as both teams got into their

Ladies’ Free Beginner Squash Festival

[Georgia Porter | Sports Editor] England Squash are looking to change their image. Their aim is to promote not just professional athletes and their awards and achievements, but to encourage everybody to become active in all levels of participation. On Saturday 30th January, the Athletic Union hosted a Ladies’ Free Beginner Squash Festival in order to promote female participation in the sport and remove the intimidating atmosphere of playing against men. Squash is a male domin

Yoga is the best thing you can do for your body

Image: Pixabay [Catie Allwright | Contributing Writer] My resolution at the beginning of 2015 was to find a method of exercise that works for me and to stick to it. That is when I discovered yoga. I’m by no means an expert but have recognised first-hand the benefits of yoga for the mind, body and soul. This is me encouraging you all to join me and reap those benefits! 1. It’s for everyone! Yoga is personal to the individual. It is not competitive, and there is no right or wro

Why I don’t go to the gym

Image: Pixabay [Louise Hal-Fead | Contributing Writer] When people hear that you don’t go to the gym, the common assumption is that you are lazy or not interested in your health. Worse still, those views suggest that you are not an active or enthusiastic individual, which is misleading and also insulting. I’m someone who has a love/hate relationship with the gym; now settling somewhere in the middle. However, these are the reasons why I now, do not go to the gym. To begin wit

Keep on top of your game with our sports hacks!

Image: Pixabay [Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] With shorter days and crappier weather than usual, we all have the same problems when it comes to working out: do I really want to go running in the mud? Is it worth getting my clothes dirty just for one work out? Well my friends, let these hacks be the end of your hesitations! Image: Aimone Sharif 1. Smelly shoes No-one is exempt to this problem! Have you found yourself dreading the smell that’s going to come out of your shoes

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