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Winter Illnesses

By Robert Wheatley – Health and Innovations Editor Yes, there are things worse than exams, and these exist at a microscopic level: microorganisms! Unlike standardised testing, no amount of revision combats illness; it requires plenty of rest and fluids, much like the average student does after exams are over. Why do we get sick in the winter more often? Believe it or not, we’re not entirely sure, but scientists posit a few factors from genes changing as the seasons roll on, o

Winter-Proof Beauty

[May Tan | Contributing Writer] It’s almost that time of the year again – the season of warm cocoas and fuzzy Christmas jumpers! It’s undeniable that winter is the most romantic season of the four. However, it’s not the kindest season for your skin and you definitely want to look your best, especially for your loved ones. BlueMoon has a few key tips on gearing your skin up for the winter. Switch up your skincare regime In order to prevent your skin from drying out during the

Fashion on campus: Winter Wardrobes

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] It’s that time of year again where you dust off the duffle coats and pull out the old thick jumpers. However, some students around campus haven’t let the arctic conditions phase them and have spruced themselves up with a brand new winter wardrobe. BlueMoon approached three stylish students this month and even managed to find one of the most fashionable and designer-labelled guys on campus! Whilst a few students we spoke to about their winter

Myths about winter flu: fact or fiction?

[Emma Langschied | Design Sub Editor] Colds and flu are already beginning to creep into classrooms and with an “arctic freeze” forecast by scientists, it seems appropriate to filter out the fact from the fiction when it comes to tackling winter illnesses. Over-the-counter cold and flu medicine company, Theraflu, conducted some research to discover whether any advice passed down through generations about winter colds and flu, relate to any scientific fact. “Feed a cold and sta

Preparing for a harsh winter

Winter is coming! [Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] Brace yourselves for a cold one this year, with some weather forecasters predicting that Britain is on track for the coldest winter of the century. Reports from The Express have said that ‘significant snowfall is likely in weeks with savage frosts and thick winter fogs.’ Whilst we may experience a white-out like 2010/11, it won’t be all fun and games and building snowmen. The severe Arctic conditions could last for up to fiv

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