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Herts Sports Awards 2016

Image: Pixabay [Georgia Porter | Sports Editor and Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager] The Sports Awards is an annual social event hosted by the Athletic Union where all the sports clubs come together to celebrate the season’s achievements with food, drink and an unforgettable after party. Everyone made an effort for this year’s party. The gents were suited and booted, and the ladies had glammed themselves up in their finest dresses, and The Forum had never looked so fancy. The w

University of Hertfordshire students win prestigious Student Television Award

[Laura Slingo | News Editor] University of Hertfordshire students won The Craft Excellence Award at the annual Student Television Awards held at ITV Studios on Tuesday 9th February. The winners – Jack Thornton, Thomas Metcalf, Amin El-Bekry, and Sam Rayner – were presented with an award for best sound for their entry 322. The film, a science fiction thriller that tells the futuristic story of two captive workers who make a dangerous bid for freedom, was also selected for scr

Winners announced in the University of Hertfordshire Small Grants for Impact 2016 competition

Image: Bryony Wharfe [Laura Slingo | News Editor] The Social Science, Arts and Humanities Research Institute (SSAHRI) is pleased to announce that members of the Institute have been presented with awards under the University’s Small Grants for Impact 2016. Plenty of University lecturers are completing research and projects alongside their teaching and these awards help achieve this. These University-wide awards are for the purpose of helping researchers to develop the economic

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