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On Monday 12th March, the candidates for VP Community, VP Activities and VP Education were all invited to the first of two hustings events, where they would be given the opportunity to speak with the electorate, and pitch what they would offer if elected to their chosen roles. Candidates were quizzed by students within the venue and had their answers streamed live on the SU’s Facebook page. Vice President Education Unfortunately, none of the candidates who are campaigning for

SU Elected Officer Positions Set for Overhaul

By Oliver Price – News Manager Hertfordshire Students’ Union has confirmed a new policy to radically overhaul the full-time elected officer positions, as well as scrapping ‘slates’, the groups that like-minded candidates run in. When asked why the roles were being reformed, Vice-President Communications and Media Shelby Loasby said: “The workload is not evenly split, and we find… the job descriptions… are not clear enough. “It’s not fair that the split is not even.” For sever

Profile interview of Vice President Student Activities, Annabel Mabin.

Image: Tom Boon [Kieran Burman | Contributing Writer] Annabel is sat at her desk, computer on and hockey ball in her stationery holder, you can see this isn’t where she’s comfortable though; she loves sport and everything about it: “There’s a buzz that playing sport gives you that you don’t get from anything else.” Office work can be fun – especially in the Students’ Union, but quite clearly not compared to sport, as far as she is concerned, and that resonates when she speaks