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Introducing the UH MixedBag Society

[Kealie Mardell | Print Editor] This year has seen the launch of many new societies, with over 100 running in total. We caught up with the brand new Mixed Bag Society, following their work with Raise and Give and first society meeting. The society secretary, Darshaalini Nadarajan, filled us in on what MixedBag is all about! UniVerse: What exactly is the MixedBag Society? Darshaalini Nadarajan: We are a group of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. We

Children in Need proves power of the public

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] Children In Need this year proved again what the public can do when they all unite. After a glitzy and star studded event on the 14th November, the charity managed to raise a staggering £32.6 million for children here and abroad. There was a wide array of celebrity hosts ranging from CIN’s Life president Sir Terry Wogan to The Saturdays’ star Rochelle Humes spanning over the seven hour star spangled marathon. Stars also joined in various

Meet your Elected Officers – Bella Colafrancesco

[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub Editor] In the week’s Meet your Students’ Union, we have Bella Colafrancesco, Vice President  Student Activities! Here to represent your views when it comes to student activities, Bella looks after students involved in activities and around campus. From sports, societies, volunteering and charity to Herts Halls League and training opportunities, she’s here to help with it all. “One of aspect of the role is to develop initiatives to ensure that the

Meet your Students’ Union: Student Advice & Support

[Aisha Kasmani | Contributing Writer] We spoke with Faith Goligher from Hertfordshire Students’ Union Advice and Support Centre about her experiences and the services they provide. UniVerse: Tell us about you and what you do for the Students’ Union? Faith Goligher: Well, I have been here for just over two years and I am a student welfare advisor and as a service we provide free and confidential advice and support about basically anything. We like to consider ourselves as the

Hatfield House Frost Fair

[Emma Langschied | Design Sub Editor] Rain did not dampen shoppers’ spirits at Hatfield House’s Frost Fair last weekend. The Stable Yard, marquees and some of Hatfield House itself, provided a festive sanctuary for visitors from Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. 200 stands adorned with Christmas gifts filled the area with a sweet Christmas scent to accompany the busy browsing of everything from ornaments, to cheese boards and fluffy hats to Indian scarves. One stall fea

UH Racing success story

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] Within the university there are hundreds of societies, organisations and teams that strive to be outstanding in their field and take pride in representing the University of Hertfordshire. Arguably, one of the greatest success stories belongs to UH Racing. The team was founded in 1997 by University of Hertfordshire students in order to compete in the inaugural UK Formula Student event and have continued to grow and develop in the years since.

Out now: UniVerse Issue 4

The fourth issue of UniVerse is out now online and on campus, with all the latest student news, views, and opinions, including your feedback on the UNO bus service! #Universe

Go wild with the outdoor society

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer] On meeting Henry Miles (Treasurer) and Elias Westerdahl (Chair Person) one thing is made clear – the Outdoor Society has to be one of the most chilled out and interesting groups of people on campus. Having just come back from their most recent trip, they were full of stories. Last weekend’s trip to Dover and Calais was the first of the society’s bi-annual big adventures. Straight after lectures, the group left at 5pm to head south and se

Herts Entrepreneurs: You’ve been hired !!

[Rachel Odametey | Contributing Writer] Ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur, or gaining skills that would be useful in the workplace? Well this may be the week for you. As we gear towards the start of the Global Entrepreneurial Week on which kicks off on 24th November. I met up with Joash Johnson, President of the Herts Entrepreneurs Society to have a chat about the society and the events he has coming up. UniVerse: Why did you want to join the society and what is it abo

Introducing The Assassins’ Guild Society

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing Writer] The Assassins’ Guild Society is described by Chairman James Austin, as: “An elaborate excuse to shoot someone with a Nerf Gun”. Austin, a second year Astrophysics student, was inspired to chair the society after he heard about it from his friends at universities around the country. “We give each person a contract, with another member of the society on, and then have to hunt them down and kill them using as elaborate means as possible,” h

St Albans Fashion Week: Luxe Show

[Krystyna King and Kealie Mardell] Add some 1930s glamour, a sprinkle of glitter and that dazzling live Jazz band and you have the beginning of St. Albans Fashion Week, with the Luxe Catwalk Show. Entering the Porsche Centre, Hatfield, on Monday 27th October, you are surrounded by champagne and luxury cars, giving the event a well welcomed reception of excited chatter before the show begins. With showcases on display from a range of local businesses, visitors were dressed to

St Albans Fashion Week: Jewellery Design

One child’s smile for one necklace… [Cristina Aroldi | Contributing Writer] The lovely and characteristic city of St Albans was painted by children’s smiles on the 28th October. From 11 to 12 am in the Fashion Week Office, French Row, about 20 children accompanied by their parents decided to attend the Children Jewellery Event in order to learn how to make necklaces and have fun at the same time. A father of two twins enjoying the event said: “I decided to come to keep childr

Wedding Catwalk Show

Krystyna King- Events Secretary Wednesday 29th October Located in the picturesque Hatfield House, this show gave the elegance and decadence that it so rightly deserved. A perfect inspiration for Brides to Be and fashion seekers, hosted in the function room, with paintings and tapestries that added to the elite surroundings. All of the chairs facing the catwalk were decorated with a programme and a lovely goodie bag, lots of perfume samples, sweets and vouchers. The models in

How valuable is your degree?

[Charlotte Green | Contributing Writer] Of course your degree is valuable to some extent. It can put you first in line for a job and you can develop a variety of skills whether these relate to team work or academic writing. However, when it comes to the future it isn’t only about your degree –you can’t go into a job interview with just that on your CV can you? As an English Language major I was told many times that I was doing the wrong degree to progress into a corporate com

Meet your Students’ Union: Sean Howlett

[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub Editor] Being at university is amazing; especially when you make the most out of all it has to offer! Sean Howlett is a great example of how we university students can be the best we can be! His role as the Volunteer & Societies Coordinator involves lots of exciting things, “Haha what doesn’t it entail!”, he laughs when he begins to tell us about what he gets up to on a daily basis. “On a basic level, I’m here to help people find out about volunta

Live at the Ele House: The Revivals

[Betty Fekade | Contributing Writer] The Revivals are not just another cover band, and their set list does not include yet another bad karaoke cover of ‘Sex on Fire’ or ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. After seeing their performance in the Elehouse in October, I can confidently say that they are the best Hertfordshire has to offer with covers of timeless 60s classics and cultural curveballs. The main demographic for The Revivals is not what the Elehouse is used to, with a considerable port

Student Lock In? More like student take over!

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writier] On Thursday 17th October, thousands of University of Hertfordshire students flocked to The Galleria for the annual Student Lock In. For the third year running, shops were offering up to 30%  discount on items on top of normal savings. Favourites amongst buyers were Nike (predicted to have around 1000 customers an hour) and Funk Rock. Whilst some shoppers took the opportunity to treat themselves, some were savvy enough to save on the ess

A History of Trident Media

[Ciaran O’Brien | Student Activities Manager] Crush Radio will always have a place in history. Starting in 1960 as CRH (Campus Radio Hatfield) on a ‘pirate radio’ basis, it was the first campus radio in the country making it the oldest in the UK. Soon it was renamed Crush 1278 and got its first broadcast licence in 1962, broadcasting on 1278AM. It was based in a portacabin in what was Hatfield Technical College, now the University of Hertfordshire. By the late 1970s it had th