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Comment: Cheaters Never Win!

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] It’s an age old saying that has been drummed into our minds – cheaters never win. From playing games with friends, to mental maths tests; we were always told that cheaters were only ever cheating themselves. However, a university student has completely contradicted this and decided to change his grades. The ingenious student plugged a device which recorded keyboard strokes in the back of university staff computers to find out passwords a

Does your sex life jeopardise your degree?

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] The stereotypical view of promiscuous students having multiple partners at university is starting to ring true. Recent studies and surveys have shown that those students who have more than one partner in their final year of uni are putting their degree at risk and could be threatening their academic results. According to a survey commissioned by ProPlus of 2,000 former students who left university in the last ten years, 36% of those who faile

A History of Trident Media

[Ciaran O’Brien | Student Activities Manager] Crush Radio will always have a place in history. Starting in 1960 as CRH (Campus Radio Hatfield) on a ‘pirate radio’ basis, it was the first campus radio in the country making it the oldest in the UK. Soon it was renamed Crush 1278 and got its first broadcast licence in 1962, broadcasting on 1278AM. It was based in a portacabin in what was Hatfield Technical College, now the University of Hertfordshire. By the late 1970s it had th