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Interview with an Activator

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] UniVerse meets sports Activator Luke Trevillion to find out more about the role and other sporting activities available at the university. UniVerse: What made you interested in becoming an Activator? Luke Trevillion: A career in Sports Development is what I want to pursue, and being an activator gives me direct experience for this. It also teaches leadership, which could also be seen as coaching, and this is something I have a lot of exp

Hertfordshire ‘world leading’ for research

Hertfordshire rated as internationally excellent and world leading for research [Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] The Government’s 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) announced that the University of Hertfordshire has been rated ‘world leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’ for over 55% of the university’s research. REF assesses the quality and impact of research submitted by UK universities across all disciplines. The results are then used by the funding bodies to all

Hutton Hub Development Plans

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor] Over the Christmas Holidays, essential services for students were moved into one handy location on College Lane Campus; Hutton Hub. Hutton Hub is located right next to The Forum, and now contains services such as the Student Centre, Careers Employment and Enterprise, Student Wellbeing, the Medical Centre and Pharmacy and the SU. This re-location is an important part of the campus development plan that is currently ongoing and is expected to upgr

Zumba with Active Students

[Feyi Taiwo | Contributing Writer] There is probably no other way to enjoy a workout than to get up and dance, Zumba style.  Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, Salsa and more, as long as it has a feel good rhythm, moving your body to music never felt so effortless. While everyone loves music, no matter what genre it is, Zumba is just that activity that allows you to feel the music, inspiring you without you even knowing it. This week’s Zumba session was held with Active Students, which

Interview with an Activator!

[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] Annabel is a third and final year student studying sport and exercise science; she has been involved in sports since her Year One Games Club in Primary School, and now plays for the 2nd Netball Team. She has been able to answer some questions for us about being an Activator! UniVerse: What made you interested in becoming an Activator? Annabel Mabin: I like to take part in most sports and do it with enthusiasm.  Being an activator has all

Meet the Lecturer: Dr Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga

[Aimone Sharif | Contributing Writer] For our second edition of “Meet the lecturer” we met Dr Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and an internationally renowned researcher. Dr Mhlanga is an exciting, eloquent speaker whose passion for teaching can be seen in the captivating way he delivers his lectures. We caught up with him as he was preparing for his presentation due to be delivered in Geneva, Switzerland where he would address the 7th

Children in Need proves power of the public

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer] Children In Need this year proved again what the public can do when they all unite. After a glitzy and star studded event on the 14th November, the charity managed to raise a staggering £32.6 million for children here and abroad. There was a wide array of celebrity hosts ranging from CIN’s Life president Sir Terry Wogan to The Saturdays’ star Rochelle Humes spanning over the seven hour star spangled marathon. Stars also joined in various

Meet your Elected Officers – Bella Colafrancesco

[Taveena Atsu | Features Sub Editor] In the week’s Meet your Students’ Union, we have Bella Colafrancesco, Vice President  Student Activities! Here to represent your views when it comes to student activities, Bella looks after students involved in activities and around campus. From sports, societies, volunteering and charity to Herts Halls League and training opportunities, she’s here to help with it all. “One of aspect of the role is to develop initiatives to ensure that the

Meet your Students’ Union: Student Advice & Support

[Aisha Kasmani | Contributing Writer] We spoke with Faith Goligher from Hertfordshire Students’ Union Advice and Support Centre about her experiences and the services they provide. UniVerse: Tell us about you and what you do for the Students’ Union? Faith Goligher: Well, I have been here for just over two years and I am a student welfare advisor and as a service we provide free and confidential advice and support about basically anything. We like to consider ourselves as the

UH Racing success story

[Shelby Loasby | News Sub Editor] Within the university there are hundreds of societies, organisations and teams that strive to be outstanding in their field and take pride in representing the University of Hertfordshire. Arguably, one of the greatest success stories belongs to UH Racing. The team was founded in 1997 by University of Hertfordshire students in order to compete in the inaugural UK Formula Student event and have continued to grow and develop in the years since.

Go wild with the outdoor society

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer] On meeting Henry Miles (Treasurer) and Elias Westerdahl (Chair Person) one thing is made clear – the Outdoor Society has to be one of the most chilled out and interesting groups of people on campus. Having just come back from their most recent trip, they were full of stories. Last weekend’s trip to Dover and Calais was the first of the society’s bi-annual big adventures. Straight after lectures, the group left at 5pm to head south and se

Introducing The Assassins’ Guild Society

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing Writer] The Assassins’ Guild Society is described by Chairman James Austin, as: “An elaborate excuse to shoot someone with a Nerf Gun”. Austin, a second year Astrophysics student, was inspired to chair the society after he heard about it from his friends at universities around the country. “We give each person a contract, with another member of the society on, and then have to hunt them down and kill them using as elaborate means as possible,” h

Rest, Relax and Unwind with Active Students Yoga

[Imogen Wallis and May S. Tan | Contributing Writers] Over half way through the first semester, now is the time students find themselves stressing over deadlines and spending long hours hunched over their laptops. However, with the Active Students scheme luckily you can take time out to manage the tension by attending free yoga sessions. Every Monday in Hutton Hall on College Lane, and Wednesday at the de Havilland Sports Village, a fully-qualified instructor will run through

How valuable is your degree?

[Charlotte Green | Contributing Writer] Of course your degree is valuable to some extent. It can put you first in line for a job and you can develop a variety of skills whether these relate to team work or academic writing. However, when it comes to the future it isn’t only about your degree –you can’t go into a job interview with just that on your CV can you? As an English Language major I was told many times that I was doing the wrong degree to progress into a corporate com

Live at the Ele House: The Revivals

[Betty Fekade | Contributing Writer] The Revivals are not just another cover band, and their set list does not include yet another bad karaoke cover of ‘Sex on Fire’ or ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. After seeing their performance in the Elehouse in October, I can confidently say that they are the best Hertfordshire has to offer with covers of timeless 60s classics and cultural curveballs. The main demographic for The Revivals is not what the Elehouse is used to, with a considerable port

Get Active with Pongathon

[Cristina Aroldi | Contributing Writer] Get Active is an initiative that offers a wide range of free sports and activities for students from American Football, to Zumba and Pongathon. If you’re a person that commonly associates sports with trying something new, and you want to enjoy the social side to sport, Pongathon is perfect for you! Pongathon is a Ping-Pong Party; where it is all about having fun! The sport is surrounded by an atmosphere of performance, music, and art wi

Herts Students Power Through at Bootcamp!

[Imogen Wallis | Contributing Writer] With Christmas only two months away, for many this is an opportunity to get fit and make sure we look our best for the upcoming party season.  Thanks to the Active Students scheme, students can get active together, make new friends, and improve their overall fitness with a variety of sessions to choose from. One of these great options is the Indoor Bootcamp, but don’t worry it isn’t as terrifying as you may think! With the help of strengt

UH Campus Football Kick Off

[Matt Creasey | Contributing Writer] More eagerly-awaited than the much speculated summer signings of Louis Van Gaal, Manager of Manchester United Football Club, was the sound of the whistle being blown at 1.15pm on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 at the New Generation Turf Pitches on the deHavilland Campus in Hatfield, to signal the beginning of a new season for UHCampusFootball. After an incredibly successful ‘Get into Football Day’ on Wednesday 15th October that saw somewhere